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Started getting the daft bits together in my 'holiday box'. Scrunchy, sunscreens etc.

Can't face looking for clothes so probably take last year's 😂

Will buy my sunhat 👒 when I get there as cheaper.
I'm going to Crete in three weeks time, haven't really thought about what I'm taking yet. Unless something catches my eye I doubt I'll be buying anything new. I will buy sun cream but can't think of anything else at the moment.
I remember long ago buying lots of new clothes, shoes, sandals even bags for holidays but it's years since I did so.
No I love shopping for holidays. I have to have some new under wear, a new bikini, at least one new dress for evening. New flip flops and some costume holiday jewellery . Also a good book to read in the pool , can't chance getting my kindle wet lol
I hate holiday shopping - it's an unavoidable chore and I do as little of it as possible! On the clothes front I stick with the tried and tested stuff that I know works and dread it when any of it wears out because that means I'm going to have to slog around the shops trying to find a replacement. And don't get me on shoes! The number of times I've found that the unavoidable new pair of sandals that might have been very comfy to wear in this country but become excruciating when my feet swell up in the heat of Cuba doesn't bear thinking about. The same with underwear - I never ever take new bras away with me. I need to know in advance that they will be comfy.

As for the stuff like sunscreen, I know what suits my skin and just stock up in one single trip to Boots when out doing the ordinary local shop. And whenever my fave toiletries are on offer I stock up so there's invariably already enough in the bathroom to pop in the case when going away. Anyway to reduce the need for a holiday shop is what I'm looking for :-)
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