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A couple of years ago we started travelling with hand luggage only. This greatly helped with packing & not taking too much "stuff" 😊. I usually only buy something new if it catches my eye or my old faithfulls no longer fit 😢.

What does get me down is, I see something I like, try it on in the shop, get all excited about my new purchase & how great its going to look, then, when I try it at home with said shorts or whatever, it looks a mess 😝.

I think I get so disappointed I just stick to my old faithfulls until they drop to bits 😅
I think now I have a job with a uniform I do not pay as much attention to shopping as I used to and don't a lunch hour to go spending so the novelty has worn off but I will try and buy a couple of new things but most things I only wear on holidays anyway. Although I would never manage hand luggage only lol x
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