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I usually pass the time feeling miserable and sorry for myself. Can rarely concentrate on my kindle or a movie ( probably too nosy about what is going on around me) and am constantly checking my watch to see how much time is left. I do listen to music but even that becomes a drag after a while.
Whether on a short flight or long haul, I must have some reading material on the Kindle -also I load music and films on the tablet -altho' don't normally get round to watching the films!!A good pair of headphones is a must altho' I won't pay obscene amounts of ££ (Bose anyone!)
😁😁😁 Judith. I could just copy & paste your post (apart from the feeling sorry for myself πŸ˜‰)

I get bored too. I fidget. The tablets out & I start to read, then I get sidetracked nosing what's going on. I spot someone watching a film so I try that, no good, as again I'm distracted.

I then decide I'll have a rummage in my bag for some sweets or crisps & pray the trolley will hurry up so I can get a coffee.

I'd be no good on long haul, I'd need sedation​. 😱
I read my kindle, I do download movies on my tablet but rarely watch them as I am a little nosy and like to people watch (and listen), I have a few word games on the tablet too which passes the time.
Sounds like quite a few of us are nosy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I have Candy Crush on my tablet so will sometimes have a few goes of that to keep myself out of mischief 😳
I really enjoy flying , I feel totally relaxed as the plane pushes back and I've often found myself waking up after take off has been completed , I never use my iPad , I don't play computer games , I will usually read a brochure or newspaper , on long haul flights I mostly will watch a film , I never watch films at home I will only watch TV progs or docu that are 30 to 60 mins , so it's unusual to watch a 90 min film for me . I like to watch comedy but other things that grab my attention I will watch , the best 2 films I've recently viewed were The Imitation Game , and Paddington . On short haul flights I will casually read or talk to the missus , alongside the eating and drinking , we mostly work opposite shifts so she doesn't get too bored with having to put up with me for a few hours flight .
On long haul flights I will read the in flight magazine and watch the movies. I can doze on and off but not really sleep and that’s even when I have been fortunate enough to have a flat bed seat in club class. On short haul I will have a couple of magazines to flick through or an easy to read book. I used to enjoy flying but as I have got older it is just a bore.
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