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Just over a year properly since we have done a lot of trying to re build the site to bring it into the 21 century.

I went to Zante once the turtles were amazing. One city that I have seen change immensely is Dubai. Alot talk about Goa changing but I've never been..
Thats an interesting question Mari 😊
I am down as 2004 but I am pretty sure that is just from the present site as we had to rejoin.
I went back to look at my oldest surviving post and found a trip report to Singapore. Brought back memories !
Ah Thats nice. I looked at mine it feels wierd as it's so long ago and I'm in a completely different career now and living in a different city which I never thought would happen. How life changes. I used to love coming on here I ended up sitting next to someone on a plane once x
From this site I mean x
I've been a member since 2005.
Back then most of my holidays were longhaul and lots of members travelled to the far east and even further and there were many interesting discussions about hotels and resorts. Some members would write trip resorts which would often whet my appetite and I would soon find myself researching flights and places to visit in these destinations.
Recently though I've been taking my holidays in short or occasionally medium haul destinations often Greece in particularl Crete as the hassle of major airports and boredom of long flights has put me off going further afield.
I'll never say never for another long haul trip but at the moment I'm enjoying my holidays within Europe.
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I remember exactly when I found HT, 2000. We'd been to Gran Canaria for the millennium & suffered awful accommodation at the start of the hols. On my return I was so annoyed I put in a complaint. While searching for assistance I found HT. 👍

I wasn't very internet savvy at the time though & the link lead to the hotel review main page.

At the time, over the HT logo, if you moved your curser across it made a rippling sound & movement as though you were caressing a pool of water. I loved it 💖 ........

Clicking around on the home page I eventually stumbled into the forums. It was like I'd discovered a secret world!!! Was there for hours upon hours a day 😂
I remember it was end of 2008? So not that long compared to some about 9 years?
Oh my goodness I joined 2005 so I have been a member for 13 or so years . I used to spend ages on the forum . Remember the soliciter was her name Roz who helped many members. They were the good old days.
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Yeah so many memories and was so much fun
Ros Fernihough Wendy 👍 She was brilliant at helping the members. 👍
7th October 2004.
Where have the years gone?

Sanji x
November 2004 - so officially 13+ years!! - but I actually joined a little bit earlier under a different user name, as I remember asking for advice re Antigua which I visited March 2004.
It was my OH who found HT. We were looking to go to Bangkok and he found some info about a hotel we were interested in. In the busy days of old on HT, it was something he grew to regret as he became an HT widower!
I joined on 31st March 2006 but I have no recollection as to why or how I looked for/found the site.
May 4, 2004 - seems about right; I came across the site looking for reviews of a hotel. I think
Not sure, but I think it was late 90's early 00's.
I was registered under a different name (Intervoice) and was looking back at some of my old reviews the other day.

I'm also on TA but these days TA is full of "rate my itinerary" posts which I hate.

This site is good but does need more traffic.
Hi Inca. There is a new look forum being worked on just now which is taking into account what members have asked for. Then hopefully we can tempt lapsed members back and gain new members.
Excellent news Fiona
joined in feb 2005 when I was doing research into coach holidays to spain.
after many trips by coach and plane, I used the train to get here last November when I finally moved over here.
currently sitting in my lounge, overlooking the beach with the windows open and the sun shining:)

only thing I miss is the ability to buy shoes that fit, but I have had some delivered to a friend back home who will bring them with him when he comes over soon.
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