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your not that sad.....i booked my holiday last august and i am not going until 25th september and i am STILL counting the days as they go by, like yourseld this will be our first holiday abroad as a family (me my missus our 6 yr old daughter and my 14 yr old brother in law) cant wait just 40 more days to go!!! hope you all have a nice time
It's so nice to read messages from people who have never on a family holiday abroad before. There are so many new experiences waiting for you - enjoy! I'm sure you will soon become hooked, like the rest of us. I've been abroad over 20 times but still love the weather and the relaxed way of life - I put my watch in the safe when weget there and don't put it back on until we leave. We stayed in Cap Salou (at the H10 Med Village) about 3 years ago and, even though it was the last week of October, we still had good weather and most of the resort was still open. It's not very far from Cap Salou to the main resort of Salou and the beach there is lovely. Hope you all have a great time.
Thanks for replying both of you hopefully once I feel that spanish sand between my toes I'll be able to relax! :lol:

Best wishes

:cry: Unfortunately came back on Saturday to a dreary looking cloudy sky so different to the clear blue ones I have enjoyed for the past two weeks, so no chance of cruising around the Costas on a moped like I hoped :lol: , instead I have work tomorrow to look forward to. I wanted to share my first holiday experience abroad with anyone who wanted to read it so here goes;

Tummy was rumbling like a washing machine waiting for the taxi to collect us at 4.30am on that Saturday morning. The holiday money was split and placed into each bra cup (seriously!) and I was constantly checking if I had passports, tickets etc in bag every two minutes in between twitching the net curtain to spot the taxi coming.

Finally taxi arrived and we all headed off to Birmingham Airport, check in was fine, being early we were the first people for our flight and all four cases weighed well under the 20kgs allowance. So cases rid off we decided to have breakfast at Frankie and Benny's (never known a slice of toast and cup of tea could be so dear!)

Didn't go through to departure lounge until an hour or so before our flight! yes that's right me thinking I knew it all told other half that you only go through to the departure lounge when you are boarding your plane! :lol:

Finally went through the various check points which were easy and quick enough I found myself in Departure lounge staring at Duty Free, cafes, big screens and some decent chairs to sit on! There we waited constantly checking the screens for our flight to board - well the screen was showing that only rows 20-37 were boarding (or something like that) so me being the know it all told partner that we had to wait until our row was shown to be boarding!! When it was showing 'Final call' we made a bit of a run for the plane :lol:

Boarding the plane couldn't believe how small it seemed, people all crammed in, trying to squeeze past some bloke desperately punching his holdall into the compartment above to find our seats. We were in a row of four so at least we were all sitting together.

Take off is absolutely fantastic, a bit like a fast ride at a theme park you get that funny feeling in your stomach. Flying wasn't so bad after all got a bit miffed about being asked if I wanted to buy headphones, drinks, sweets etc and the smell from the meals was like something from a school canteen! When the plane started to descend my ears popped even whilst sucking a sweet. I did start to think my ear drums would burst it was really an uncomfortable feeling but I made myself yawn a couple of times and the feeling was gone soon after. Landing was a bit bumpy and I just kept thinking 'stop, stop, please stop' :lol:

The luggage carousel was an experience, why people let their children stand so close to the belt I'll never know, when you're desperate to spot your case and grab it you don't really want seventeen little so and so's in your way do you? Anyway all cases turned up still fully zipped (did have visions of my pants hanging out the case coming round on the belt! :lol: )

Off we sped in a taxi to the Cala Font Hotel driven by a man that thought he was in a Formula One race :lol: watch out for the zebra crossing over there in Salou, not like here where cars usually stop for you to cross, oh no, you have to be halfway across the crossing before they'll slow down, scary to stay the least.

The hotel was ok (have left a review) but wouldn't return would much prefer to stay in Salou, it seems to have a lot more to do than Cap Salou. Our holiday was just for relaxing and that is exactly what we did. My two children loved the beach and pool and we enjoyed the sun. Only on one day it rained quite bad in the morning but by the afternoon it was like a totally different day sunny and warm.

The flight home was the same, ears popping but at least all the cases turned up. We had to queue a while at Birmingham for passport checks which was a bit tiring, after all you've had your holiday and just want a cup of tea in your own home whilst rubbing your feet into the carpet after having to walk on tiled floors for two weeks.

The return home was rubbish, you know the good times are so over; had to pick the dog up from the kennels almost immediately, he went absolutely mental jumping around like he'd won the lottery or something and then had to go shopping as the cupboard's were like Mother Hubbards! I only have another sixteen loads of washing to go before I'm done and then it's back to the usual routine of work, school, bills and drab English weather :cry:

Oh well only another twelve months to go before I'm back getting that lovely relaxing feeling you get when being on holiday abroad. :D
Aw it's really good to hear a trip report from a newbie. Sounds like you had a good time after all the anticipation. Now to start researching for next year's holiday!

luci :wave
I'm glad you had a good holiday. As Luci says, best way to pick yourself up after a holiday is to start planning the next one :D

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