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Hi there , The one that got me looked like sea weed as i swam towards it, it was only when i got out of the water that i noticed how many there were. I was back in Alcudia last summer and have never seen one there.
I guess with the miles of beach and the thousands of swimmers, the actual chance of getting stung is very slight, which is not to say it isn't horrible for the people who do get caught :cry: but you need to keep it in perspective.

We've been to Mallorca lots of times and never had any trouble.
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About treating jellyfish stings. Some years ago while in Tunisia our daughter who was about 12 at the time got stung on her arm. She came out of the sea screaming. One of the men working at the hotel grabbed her took her into the kitchen, me following wondering what they were doing with her. One of the cooks took out the biggest knife you have ever seen . The look on our daughters face was o no they are going to cut off my arm. He chopped a very large tomato and held it on the sting in seconds the swelling had gone down and the pain almost gone. We all breathed a sigh of relief. She was fine.
Last summer (September) there were a few in the water at Puerto Pollensa. The strange thing is they were always in the areas where there were very few people, maybe they dislike us as much as we them. I never saw anyone stung in two weeks.
I believe the increase in their numbers in the Med is said to be due to rising water temperatures.
My mum got stung on Magaluf beach a couple of years back it was quite nasty and was swelling rapidly. There was a doctors on the front so she just went there and got treated dont know what they did though. Ialso saw loads of jellyfish when in Magaluf a year ago. I have heard one way to neutralise the sting is to dab urine on it :?
One of the contenders for next years holiday is the Condessa de la Bahia which looks quite nice after reading some reviews.

My concern though is reagrding several comments of jellyfish on the beach by the hotel. I have 4 young children who would want to spend a lot of time in the sea, are my fear justified or not? Thinking of going in mid June.
as mentioned in other post we have just returned from a week a the condessa and after spending nearly every day on the beach i can honestly say we did not see or hear of any jelly fish, on 1 day we walked along the beach in the waters edge to the centre of alcudia and only saw :D fish!!
I have been to the Platja D'Or (which is next to the Condesa) twice, and never had any trouble with jellyfish.

Very very rarely, there can be incidents where somebody is stung by a fish with poison spines, by treading on it, but my son worked in Alcudia for 2 summers, and never heard of it happening very often.

After all you can get stung by a wasp or bee in the UK.
Hi There , We had quite a long thread on this topic a while back
I got stung while swimming at sa colabra.
Hi - we got back yesterday from 2 lovely weeks in Alcudia. We stayed just along from the Condesa de la Bahia and we were on the beach every day and can honestly say that we never saw a single jellyfish the whole 2 weeks. Please do not worry - we thought that the Condesa looked a lovely hotel and the beach there is just fabulous. I am sure you will have a wonderful time. Wish I was still there
Hi there, I have just seen an interesting review on the Menorca forum. It is about a holiday in cala n Forcat, it seems that there were quite a few jellyfish around and the reviewer was unable to go swimming in the sea. Cala n forcat has rocky coves and from what i saw in majorca i think jellyfish prefer that sort of coastline.
jtwonk, have you posted a review of the condessa? Just wondered as we've just booked up to stay there ! Hope you have, if not do you think you could ? Cheers x
We have just returned from Can Picafort yesterday. We went to Alcudia beach last Wednesday and my daughter got stung on the leg by a jelly fish.
Me and my son also caught some jelly fish in his bucket.
The jelly fish were about the size of a 50 pence so were hard to spot.
The sting came up in big read bloches on her leg. We tried to find the first aid / life gaurd man on the beach but were told he had gone to lunch!!!!
Hope this helps.
we have just returned today from Calas de mallorca.

We saw no jellyfish on cala Domingos beach, however we did a sunshine cruise and we stopped in the king of Spains bay, for swimming off the boat. There were loads of small jellyfish and only my hubby dived in (Trust him lucky wotnot for not getting stung ! )

As said before, we saw none near the beach we visited though.

Elaine x
Here is a article for jellyfish, if its not there it will be in one of the back issues of the daily bulletin. Its in the wed 6th july issue.

This is the headline.

Minister issues a warning about imminent arrival of a plague of jellyfish

Are you scared, you should be. Those little stingers working overtime. :wink:

Oh well I will be in majorca in a months time just hope they drift off somewhere.
Hi There, What an interesting article and a bit scary too :shock: did you notice the reference to sa colobra ...quote. .... The minister's warning, however, came a little late for people who visited Sa Calobra on Sunday.
There, the Red Cross volunteers were kept busy treating people for stings.
This was just one of a series of reports about plagues of jellyfish on beaches along the rugged north coast of the island.
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Peter please post the weblink instead

Thank you
Here's another jellyfish story

Thursday issue of daily bulletin

The headlines says

Hundreds stung by the huge groups of jellyfish

What is a Jellyfish sting like?
Does it imobilise you on holiday or can you just get on with things like a wasp sting?
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