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My mum always takes some aftershave to give to my husband's friend who picks them up from the airport and that always goes down well, nothing expensive, just body shop stuff or something as it is just a little thank you really.
Something football realted or sport related.
I take a lot of ballpoint pens with scotland on them and hand them out to people i know ,be nice if you knew their names and the spelling you can get them printed quite cheap,pens are always handy for shop keepers ,if they are practising muslims whiskey wont go down to well ,send it to me instead . :D :cheers

Thank you for your replies!

Yeah I was thinking whiskey.... I know they are practising muslims when it suits them teehee!!! They are buggers for young blonde ladies!!! :really and have been known to partake in a few cheeky efes!!! :cheers but they pray and do Ramadan and have the beads etc.... I think they pick and choose what bits they want to practise :rofl cheeky monkeys!!!

Mmmm I think I will be able to get something in duty free then.... either something smelly or some whiskey.... I am sure between them they could use it!

I would love to get them personalised pens... I could spell osman but mamout (sp???) eeeeek!!! I might get some yorkshire pens to take though!! :D

Heehee I'm getting excited now!

Love Nikki xx
They sound a bit like my husband, he is a practising Muslim when he wants but still enjoys a drink when he fancies too ;)

Mahmut is how you spell the other name :tup
Well, friends of ours have requested:
Welsh Choir CDs
UK small flags or pennants
Golf umbrellas(turkish umbrellas turn inside out in the wind apparantly)
Childrens English simple reading books
Yorkshire tea(!!)
Have just realised that some of these are not very small :) :whoops
teehee gof umbrellas cheeky monkeys!!!

ooo I didn't thnk of simple reading books.... my son is 5 (last fri) and he has some that are now too easy for him... might tak them those aswell, thank you :)

love nikki xx
Mmmm cadburys! I might scoff it before it gets there!

Awww thanks for all your ideas, it will be lovely to take lots of little bits to them, pens, books, chocolate... awww.

Love Nikki xx
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