On 14th February 2018 at 07:25pm, Terry 'Denny Crane' McCartney said:
I remember the Aeroplane nightclub, quite seedy and looked really weird seeing an old airliner parked up at the side of the road but great memories. I've told loads of people about this and nobody believes me haha. I was over there for 4 months in 1984/85 - brilliant time, would love to go back again and relive my youth haha
I vaguely remember that place - I'm almost certain we were taken there after going to the barbecue !. I liked it, we met a crowd of girls from Liverpool and one of them was stunning and for some strange reason, took a shine to me - but - and I didn't know then or now but we got our wires crossed and I thought they were going home the next day so didn't bother pursuing it. Almost 2 weeks later, to our shock we bumped into them again only this time they WERE going home the next day (4am to be exact) - AND to make matters worse, the girl had been looking for me and it turned out they stayed at the Hotel Olympic (or Olympus ??) which was only 1/200 yards away from where we were staying !!. Anyway, her and I spent what few hours they had left and it IS one of my favourite Majorca memories !!