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just booked 2 rooms sea view
3 ads
2 kids
18 july for a week
bargain me thinks

went to canaries last july £3000

see you at the bar then :D
Rocco I will be back before you go so will let you know what its like.

I notice the prices have dropped on Portland website when I priced it for our friends by over £100 per person. I'm glad we got our youngest free which almost makes up for it. :wink:
Hi Rocco, The footy tops should cost you about 40 lev (about £14 ). Try Nikki's football shop(stall) opposite the Saturn Hotel. This is the street where all the artists sit.
You will find him cheap and very friendly.

8) The Toonman
Hi all, got back from SB yesterday, we stayed at the Majestic Hotel which is a rather nice place to stay, we arrived on the 26th May and they was still painting the landing which we was on, also fitting carpets, then doing more painting and got it all over the newly laid carpet, we couldnt believe it. The first week no trouble with sunbeds but the second week it was unbelieveable, people where putting towels out at 5.30am i no this as we often was on our way in at that time. The pool attendants where taking bribes for the sunbeds, a lot of other people from other hotels also using the beds which is wrong when the guests staying there had trouble finding a sunbed. Watch it at the pool bar as they charge different prices all the time. The lifts are a disaster, lucky we was on the four floor so we used the stairs, but people often stuck in the lifts. Had a nice rest but personally wouldn't go back
Would you be able to complete a review for us Tracy? Sunbeds- why on earth can't hotels just provide enough??
First time to Bulgaria so thanks for all the information off people. we are going 30th June including taking 3 16yr old lads - do you think sunny beach is a relatively safe environment for them - or is it best that they stick around the hotel??? (Probably wherever we'll be they'll avoid!!!)
As long as they keep thier eye on the traffic it will be safe for them. There are usually young kids on elec scooters/mopeds.
My daughter is 14 & I feel it is safe for her to have a wander round with friends. They cant even get lost, depending on where you are staying it wouldnt take too much to find your hotel. There are plenty of land marks for them to find to get thier bearings. They would be in thier element being able to go off on thier own. :)
Oh Tracey doesn't sound too promising then? Maybe if they stopped other hotels using the sunbeds this would mean there would be enough for everyone - maybe they need to introduce a wrist band system? :?

How was the food and the rooms and the pools?

Hi got back on wednsday morning after a Two week holiday at the Majestic. Just a few things to let you know if it is your first time to Bulgaria. when we got to Bourgas airport at eleven oclock at night we did not get out until one am. it was hot and crowded and no air con. we had to sit on floor. no seats left my son and his mate found a small bar out side after our first hour in airport so thay watched football while we got our cases. It took us half a hour to get to hotel by coach with three drop offs
The hotel reception area is nice. the pool area and pools are fantastic i think best in sunnybeach.
Bedrooms are nice and big with fridge. you can phone from room to room which came in handy has my daughter was three doors away and
she kept taking my iron.
The food is very nice and plentyfull. breakfast time is eight till ten. dinner six till nine.
we never used lifts and we were on the sixth floor. some people did not have any problems. but some did like getting stuck.

The hotel is shabby in places people with no respect. (holes in doors)
the workmanship in hotel is poor i don't know what it will be like next season if they don't do any repairs this year
the hotel does not have a shop you have go to the spar out side the hotel past the victoria palace next door.
some pizza places are open till three just out side the majestic on the promanade.
people from other hotels can use sun beds for five levs per day. i don.t think this is fair when you are in this hotel and cannot get a sun bed with a parosol i think reps shoud have a word with managment. about this staff are not always helpfull in reception they could smile more. annamation team around pool are good they came and chatted many times to our group.fifteen in total. resort is ok. some nice bars in resort mystic bar very nice. at chalka beach hotel. new water park is small but good. A free bus out side majestic main entrance a five minuite walk to bus stop it's every fifteen mnuites or taxi is twenty lev. all in all had a good holiday with my family i think i would go back to the majestic with a group only depending on future reviews has we all loved the pool area :lol:
Hi Janette
thanks for a very detailed report which I am sure members will find very useful. Would you be able to fill in a review of it here?. You could copy and paste your report. That way it won't get "lost" as this may do in our busy forum.
We go on the 18th July to the Majestic and cannot wait.

When we depart its in the evening, do you know if they allow you to keep your room at a charge?

Was the entertainment inside or outside?

One last question (sorry), how hot was it? and do you need a cardy for the evenings.

thanks for your post

Hi the first week of our holiday got up to 90 deg in day some nights were chilly so i bought a cardigan from resort it cost about six pound in english money. our second week we had the bad storm and weather was not that good.but our last day was better getting hot again and it looks hot now the storm is over.
The hotel does say you can have a room if one is available at a cost of five lev per hour. but you have to wait the till the morning of departure to see if there is one we could not get one and they were 15 0f us the hotel was fully booked all the time while we were there.they let you have a room to shower in you have to book it first. 30 minutes time for two people.
Entertainment was ok. it did repeat the same three times while we were there. some shows they ask you to pay for they say because they are private shows i don't think that is right.
four the last four nights the entertainment room was not in use because it got flooded from storm. i think i should be ok now. :lol:
can anybody help looking for fax number of the majestic hotel sunny beach
had another look for you sidnae but can't find anything.
Welcome to Ht by the way!
Hi hope this helps

Fax no-+359 554 222466
phone no +359 554 21500
E-mail majestic_hotel@boraconsult.com

Before we went to thi hotel we could not find no fax no or phone no we got it while we were there. :lol:
Sorry Fax no +359 554 22466

I Put an extra digit in :roll:
thanks a lot janette your a star
i,m just back from the majestic today.if you have any questions then i will try and answer them
hi sandie.you can book a late check out room till 4 o,clock at the latest.it is 10 levs an hour.we managed to get one but only just.we were told to go to reception between 8.30 and 9.00 on day of departure.wife was there from 7.45 and managed to get one.there is a huge demand and wife said people nearly came to blows because of it as they had been told different times to go to book them.thomsons have 5 flights going out on a tues and 5 on a fri.they are all late in the evening and the all have about a full busload leaving from the majestic so you can imagine how many people want a late room.if you dont get a late room there is a courtesy room you can book for half an hour but this is also limited..hope this helps..........charlie

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