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Lovely photos. Thanks 👍
Thanks Glynis seeing as you approve I have some more that I will post. I was in Austrailia and New Zealand for the Rugby League World Cup i was there for 4 weeks for the last pool game in Perth up to the final in Brisbane..
I see you had a more successful whale watching trip than I had! Fremantle looks lovely .
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  • Edited by nickmacuk 2018-04-20 12:10:57
    Just checking no progress yet
Should be working now...
Thanks Lance it appers to have reserected all the miising efforts to post I tried to delete the surplus ones but cant find a delete button.
Deleted for you Nick.

Edit. Watched the video, & as usual, great pics of Crocs on tour 👍
Thank you Glynis I have 3 more to post but will do that later in stages. Presumabbly I am correct there isn't a delete button for a poster to use?
Probably to prevent members deleting posts at a later stage & spoiling a thread. The ability to preview a post would be of benefit then, if video etc is unsuccessful it can be abandoned.
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