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WOW...BrenLiz, What an amazing report don't go myself until Feb 2nd, but i swear i could feel the heat, smell the smell.and taste the food..shame about the hotel, and taxi driver, he justs sounds like a greedy man, i remember you recommending him to me a couple of years back, bet there will be no more recommendations, but thats his loss. Glad you had a great time, and thanks again for great report. :tup :tup

The Preacher :sun2
BrenLiz wrote:
On the way we past the fur shop and went in to look at sheepskin coats.


Does the shop were you bought your sheepskin coats do gents leather jackets/coats, if so could you let me know where abouts it is.

The Preacher :tup
Thanks for taking the time to do such an amazing report, it was great reading. I am glad I didn't book the Senhor Angelo as I am off to Goa in March for a week and it was on my shortlist. Sounds like you got a great bargain with the sheepskin coats :tup
Hi Preacher, the shop is on the Calangute Road going towards Baga on the left hand side, just past Valeries Travels and before the road which goes down to the Melting Pot, Senhor Angelos, the Cricketers, etc. Yes they do leather as well. He is a really nice guy.
Great reading Girls I felt like I was there with you all ..your taxi driver is taking the piXX its time you gave him his marching orders ...
Great reading,thanks for the taking the time with such a long report :cheers
A good read, Sounds like you had another great time, Agonda is nice , to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the North

I know how you feel about the Taxi Driver, no matter how well you look after them, they will always try for more, :que

xx lassi
good reading, just about in the mood myself now!
Great report.Felt like i was already there,will keep reading it for the next 6weeks until we go,staying at Glens
corner in Calangute for the 1st time although we have known Glen for awhile.
You mentioned Cool Place is it Jack that qwns it?Thanks again for a good read.
Hi Girls.....lovely report.....we missed you sooooo much this year!....I had the raving hump being at home this christmas....so I had to do a bit of retail therapy Boxing day!

....What did Stevens Daughter have?
Yes Manxcat it is Jack's shack. He is getting married in April to his English girlfriend. He seems very subdued these days, obviously under the thumb now. He was our taxi driver for many years and we had some great times out with him. Shame he packed it in.

Great to hear from you Trina, hope you are both well. We missed you too. Steven's daughter had a little girl, we went to see her, she is very good, didn't mind at all being passed around. Hope you make it next year.
:tup enjoyed reading your report BrenLiz thankyou!!
Fantastic report Brenliz, very detailed, great reading.
I know what you mean about the starters at Thalassa, because we done the exact same as you and then struggled with our main meals :duh however, the setting is fantastic.
Great to hear that you managed to pop into the boys home again :)
Great report Brenliz but can you tell me where Johnnys chemist is we met some people in Cambodia that live in Goa and they said they drank in a little local bar across from it but we could'nt find it so never caught up with them so maybe next year.
Sheppo, Jonny's Chemist is on the Calangute High Street on the left hand side if you are coming from Baga and just before the shops and bank that stand back a bit off the road near Dangui opticians, towards the end of the road going towards the roundabout and temple. Hope you meet up with your friends.
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