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Try these for size. I have used them in the past, and they will tailor anything to your needs.
I prefer southern Thailand for beaches, Krabi, Phuket and Koh Lanta.
Do Bangkok on the way home, choose a hotel that is close to the sky train, you need it to get around.
Just looked at the site and see they are using the Bel Aire Princess which is in a handy location for all the bars/restaurants/nightlife on the Sukhumvit Rd.
BK is an amazing place, but believe me it's like London on "crack" and bigger.
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Hi Gooorooo,
I too love Turkey and have been there many times. I went to Goa for the first time last January. Its different without a doubt, but lovely.
We are now thinking of venturing to Thailand in November. I have been checking flights today and they vary from £492.00-whatever you want to pay really.
I always do DIY. Of course I can do DIY Turkey and would be confident to do DIY Goa but Thailand is a whole new thing!! If you have any tips or find anything out as you go along, I would be so grateful to hear it.

Thank you and have a wonderful time in Goa. The weather is perfect and its a real adventure. :)
Thanks Jenny - sounds like we have a similar taste in holidays!

I always DIY for Turkey now. For Goa we have booked a package as we've not been before and I wanted a bit more security. I will probably do the same for Thailand - even if it is more expensive. The researching has just begun though so watch this space!
We certainly seem to have the same taste in places to visit, Goorooo :tup

Your package to Goa probably wasn't much more than a flight plus booking accomodation. We done flight only as we wanted to travel to beach huts for the best part of it. Ive looked at packages since and they only work out slightly more than what I paid for flights!

Searching through Thailand brochures at the moment. Wow, theres alot to take in......!!
Hi all,

I'm also a newbie and am wondering whether people think it's better to pay for flights and maybe a couple of night's accomodation and then do beach huts, or whether a package deal would be best?

We're two girls in our 20's but don't want to do backpacking / crazy clubbing, just nice beaches / food etc.

If you're confident with DIY then Thailand is a very easy country to DIY, especially with the internet. Most properties are going to have a web presence which can be used for research. Theres plenty of internal flights to get around the country many of these on low cost carriers. There are also inexpensive road and rail links.

However often tour operators have pretty good deals as well and are worth a look if requirements are straightforward (i.e. not too many centres, the more well known resorts and hotels).
I just don't want to overcomplicate thing / get cocky. I've travelled round europe DIY on an interrail ticket, choosing a train in the morning and booking some accommodation once I got to the city of choice, but: a) that was europe and I could get away with my basic french / german / spanish to get by, and b) I was with three other seasoned travellers. This time round it's just me and one other girl and she's a newbie to travelling, so I'd like to know what we're doing to reassure her!

We're currently looking to fly into Phuket and stay at a nice hotel / villa (prebooked) for a week and then do two weeks of more spontaneous stuff... Does this sound like it'd be alright? (Especially for two girls on their own?)
Can't see any problems with that. Phuket airport has flights to a number of places within Thailand and elsewhere, and you have access to a number of beach resorts apart from those to be found on Phuket island itself - Krabi, Khao Lak, Phi Phi, Ko Lanta for example. Lots of flights to Bangkok and you can get to Samui as well. In addition you can get to Chiang Mai should you wish to see the North (well worth it). You'll probably be getting to Phuket from Bangkok any way (or you could look at going via Kuala Lumpur or Singapore).

We use the internet for bookings as it does reduce the language problems. English is no problem in the major resort areas, but we have stayed at some hotels where only a few members of staff were fluent in English. We take a netbook with in case a booking goes wrong or for flexibility should we wish to book something while away. Some people turn up at a hotel and negoiate a deal, though some of those I've spoken to were paying more than we were by prebooking.

If you feel you need greater assurance than you could go via an operator - that way you would get ATOL protection of your holiday and the services of a rep.
My recommendation for a Thai island with beaches to die for, elephant trekking, a bit of nightlife, some amazing restaurants is Ko Chang , tried it last November for the first time and absolutely loved it :tup
I hope no-one minds me adding to this thread, it just saves me starting another similar one...

We are seriously now considering Thailand for this November. I would be so grateful if anyone could shed any light or give me any advice/their opinions on any of the following (I am about to probably become your HT nightmare ;) )

1. Flights

We would probably want to fly from Heathrow to Bangkok. I have been checking out flights to day and Oman Airways is coming up the cheapest everytime. Anyone ever flown with them? Ive read a few reviews and they

Can anyone recommend any other airline if Oman Airways is a no no?

2. Itinery

We are just 'thinking out loud' at the moment for this trip. We are probably looking at flying from UK to Bangkok, staying a couple of days then travelling to Phuket either by train or air for a few days then move on to another island. Its that other island we are unsure about. Any recommendations on where we could go? We have heard Koi Samui is lovely but loads of other places too. We are looking to stay in Thailand for 2 weeks.

3. Insects etc

I have a very bad fear of lizards and, even worse, frogs. I need, if possible ,to avoid these, especially the frogs. It sounds stupid but I would just freak and I would be sent home on the next flight for being mad if I was seen in a situation where I saw one!!! I know you get those little gheko things. I guess I won't avoid them?

I think thats it (for now ;) ) but, really, ANY help would be really appreciated.

Thank you in anticipation

Hi Jennyt
1) Flights. I've not used Oman myself so can't comment on them. Of the airlines I've used I would certainly recommend Etihad, Thai, Eva. I've not used Emirates or Qatar yet but would with no qualms. KLM are OK if you want to fly from a local airport as are China Airlines.

2) Itinery.
Its probably best to fly to Phuket...getting there by train is hard work as there is no rail link to the island. There are plenty of internal flights both on scheduled carriers like Thai and Bangkok Airways and low cost carriers such as AirAsia, Nok Air. November has the Andaman coast side of Thailand moving into high season, this includes Phuket, Krabi, Khao Lak. Phuket is the most developed area - an island with a number of beach resorts the most famous being Patong but also having resort areas that can range from lively to very quiet. Phuket has some great beaches and can also provide easy access to the islands of Phi-Phi and Phang-Nga bay. You could also twin it with stays with Khoa Lak and Krabi which are easy land or sea transfers. If you want to get to Samui there are flights from Phuket direct.

3) Insects.
Its the tropics so insects are unavoidable. You will see little geckos in the evenings waiting patiently under lights for little bugs to eat - they're harmless and quite cute. However if you're room is airconditioned then you are unlikly to have them in your room as its a bit chilly for them. As for frogs they're around, you'll get more with hotels with water features such as lakes and ponds so try to avoid those.
Thank you, Sunbear, for taking the time to reply :)

There is such alot to take in! I am going to go to the local library this morning and get a Thailand guidebook and spend a bit of time trawling over that. Brochures are lovely, but they only show you the nice bits!!

We have been looking at Chiangmai up north. Have you been there, Sunbear? I know there are elephants and tigers there. I would love to see the tigers but wouldn't want to visit if they were badly treated etc. I guess its no different to a zoo over here? Please correct me if I am wrong.

Thanks again, I really do appreciate your input :tup
Hi Jenny,

you're doing the right thing getting a guide book, we like the Dorland Kindersley Eyewitness guide to Thailand, not too wordy but covers a lot and lots of photos, maps and illustrations. Rough Guides and Lonely Planet are good for detail but can be a bit heavy going.

We've been to Chiang Mai a few times - its one of our favorite parts of Thailand. There is so much to see there and its on a scale that is easier to handle than Bangkok. There's some great temples, handicrafts and shopping. The surrounding countryside is attractive and is worth visiting in its own right, as well as visiting elephant attractions and sanctuaries, hill tribes and numerous soft adventure trips like rafting and zip lines. City hotels are cheaper than Bangkok and it has some great boutique hotels and plenty of restaurants. There are tiger attractions though we have never visited these. Have been to the zoo which is quite good and includes an air conditioned panda enclosure.

Its easy to do a triangle with Bangkok, Chaing Mai and a beach resort like Phuket. There's a direct flight form Chaing Mai to Phuket with Air Asia for example. You can fly or take the train to Chaing Mai from Bangkok.

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