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Hello jojouk. This is one hotel I have not got much to say about, of the five hotels I have stayed in in Malta this one is last (see post top five favorite hotels of Malta) I went here about 4 years ago for a summer holiday and found the rooms to alright and thats all but no view, the food was not up to much and the chef's only gave you a childs portion and if you asked for more they gave you a dirty look. At the time the indoor pool was out of use also the gym, half way through the holiday a group of Russian kids turned up about 40 of them with 2 helpers and they used to run up and down and bang on your door at all hours of the night keeping you awake all the time and when People asked the managers for help they were just told kids will be kids.
Also there is a part of the hotel that is time share so you get them on your case every time you go out the hotel and the entertainment was very poor, some nights is was the football on the T V and other nights it was a woman singer.
If it was me going again to this hotel I would not bother, but it may have got better as it was a long time ago.
This is just my personal view

Hi Dave,

Glad you posted your comments about the Park Hotel, because it was on our list of possibles but you've given us the prime reason not to bother with it. We once had a holiday where ignorant people would bang your door for 'fun' in the middle of the night. It drove us spare and complaints to the management didn't change anything.

Well it seems that the management of the Park have the same attitude to this behaviour so it's a no no for us!

Thanks for your reply.Have just been told that 4 members of our family are going to the Park Hotel in a couple of weeks time so will see what they have to say.If its like what you say its a definate no no,otherwise a maybe. :)
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