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Do you have a complaint against a travel agent and how you have been dealt with during or after booking your holiday? For help and advice post in here.
Contact Trading Standards

Whilst we can use our expertise gathered over many years helping people on HT Trading Standards have teeth.
Hi fwh, thank you very much for your advice, I will contact them now, hopefully, they will be able to help.
Omg I'm so sorry to hear about your holiday. I have just had the exact same experience. I booked a holiday online after huge amounts of research. An hour later their advisor rang me and said no flights available to that hotel. She was so pushy and eventually I caved in and she booked me into a comparable hotel apparently. It cost me an extra £140 and Ive since learnt its an adult only hotel and my daughter is 16… they were supposed to get back to me within 72 hours a d didn't so rang them today and they've fobbed me off again! I'm SO angry! If we'd bought a TV or an item of clothing and they weren't right then we'd get our money back!
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