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Hi, I hope I'm not too late.

I was in Bratislava in November. We flew from Edinburgh to Vienna, via Amsterdam. There is a regular bus service from Vienna airport to Bratislava that takes less than an hour. I believe that Easyjet now fly to Bratislava from Luton.

Hotels can be quite pricey, we stayed in the 3* Hotel Kjev. It was around £40 per night for a fairly basic double room.

Drink was very cheap, around 30 or 40 pence for a beer. Again cigs were cheap, it was around £11 for 200 Marlboro Lights. Don't expect to find British brands though. Food is also very cheap, not much more than a couple of quid for an excellant meal.

Hope you enjoy yorself...
Hi :)
I am from Slovakia, and I lived in Bratislava most of my life.
To look for a hotel, try these websites:
just scroll to the bottom and you can change the language to English
this one is in English
Don't forget everything is much cheeper then in England.
Cigarets are about £1.00
Food and drinks are cheep, but can be as expensive as in England, dependend where you going. If you going to be eating in expensive hotel, then you going to be paying more.
Try to book trip on the Danube, should take you to up to Devin-ruins, very nice.
Try go to the restaurant on top of the Danube-looks like UFO, but on the other hand,ask first I think it maybe closed now(what would be bad, because there are beautiful views from the top).
There is Irish pub in the Old part of Bratislava.
Sky Europe fly direct to Bratislava from Standstead and Manchester.
Manchester flyghts will be starting in Jun. Just check out there website, if you havent already booked.
Have a nice time.
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