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Have stayed in Zakynthos many years ago and we have twice spent the day in Cephalonia. It is a beautiful island and so much history of course. We went round the island and then spent a little time in Lassi. We had to cancel our long awaited return this July but i am determined that we start visiting a few places in Greece again.
If I ever returned to Greece it's the place I'd choose to visit. Friends have been & raved about how beautiful it is 👍
Just remembered- When we were there we were told that passengers waited at the bottom of the plane steps for their luggage to be unloaded and they had identify theirs on the tarmac and carry them in! I don't suppose that happens now does it? :-D
@Fiona - last time I had to offload my own luggage was Skiathos -but that was ~ 30 years ago!!
Was trying to think how far back it was for me and think it 18 or 19 years ago. Scarey when I think about it!!!
I went to lassi year year really enjoyed it dials is meant to be nice x
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