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I wouldn't travel with them for quite a few years because of their reputation. But when they started flying to the UK from my local airport at ridiculous low prices I gave them a try and about ten years ago started using them on a regular basis, at times flying to the Uk every few weeks. I also have used them to fly to Crete twice each year.
I only ever buy a coffee on board and find their individual filter coffee quite good. I always take my own food with me, usually when in the UK If I need to eat on the flight I buy a Boots meal deal to eat on my journey home. I sympathise though if there wasn't food or drink on offer on your flight, they always seem to have plenty on the flights I have taken, was the return flight just as bad?

Maybe I've been lucky, but I've never had a bad experience with them. Once when fog closed my home airport
and the plane couldn't land we flew to another airport some distance away. I expected to be dumped there but there were coaches waiting at the airport to return us to our original destination.

I am an experienced traveller, well over 50 years of long and short haul travel, in all classes and with many of the big boys of the aviation world so have no great expectations of receiving anything special when flying with Ryanair. They are a low cost airline offering a no frills product which is what I have received. I am aware of course that others have not even received this and the basic care that the airline should give has not been offered to many customers.
We've used them a few times as their prices are so reasonable.

Like Judith we buy a meal deal at the airport & a coffee on the flight, sometimes a toastie as well.

Tbh we've never had a problem on any of the flights. They are usually on time as well, never had a delay.

Because they are so cheap their departure gate is always in the bowels of the airport however 😅 Always a long trek to get to your gate.
We have booked with Ryanair twice and been messed around by them on both occasions.
The first time, we were flying to Marseille and we were due to fly out and back on a Wednesday but they cancelled the Wednesday flights and rebooked us on Thursday flights. I had to be back at work on the Thursday so that was no use to us. We changed the return flight to the Tuesday (losing 2 days of our holiday) and they charged us £80 for the privilege.
Last year hubby arranged to take his parents to Rome for a few days and ignored my recommendation to not use Ryanair. A few weeks before they were due to fly I went online to book parking for them and discovered that their return flight was coming back in to Prestwick at 13.15 instead of 22.30 so they were going to lose the last day of their holiday. Hubby phoned them the next day and was told that they were going to be sending out an email the following day informing passengers of the change. Fortunately they had a flight coming into Edinburgh around the time of the original booking so hubby changed to that but it meant that I had to take the three of them to Prestwick and then do a late night pick-up at Edinburgh.
BA has sunk right down the list as well. Not surprised for shorthaul.
BA I used to be a gold member on, now I avoid them, the aircraft need a serious make over and their ability to start doing the tricks that the short haul airlines do goes against everything that they stand for.

I do agree with you though Fiona.
Well, atleast they are consistent being voted the worst for the last 6 years. :)
I would rather stay at home than give that eejit a penny of my money.... I've made it my life long ambition to never fly with them. :)
Sanji x
eejit ahahahahahahahahah
That's tame for me :rofl
Sanji x
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