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So the holiday is tomorrow? Wow very close.

The way I see it is you haven't lost any money as you paid the £527 on your cc & that has been paid back onto that card. Unfortunately, that card is now unusable to you which isn't the fault of Love Holidays. Otherwise you could have taken the card on holiday for expenses.

I would go on the holiday otherwise you will loose £900. Perhaps try & borrow the £527 as you would have had to pay it back to credit card company.
Not really the fault of the holiday company if that's the card you paid with? You have defaulted and by rights you owe the credit card the money I think love holidays have been reasonable by what you have said. Don't mean to sound harsh but they have done nothing wrong.
Legally they can only repay to the card originally used. The fact you no longer have the card would not be known to them. It is possible that the cc supplier may refuse to accept the refund (although unlikely if you owe them money) in which case you will then have to discuss with Love Holidays how they will repay you.
I'm surprised that having thought that you did want to cancel that they processed any refund at all given that this was so close to the departure date but as others have said, they had no other option other than to refund the money back to the credit card that you used to pay in the first place. I know that you'll think this harsh of me but that £527 was never yours and you weren't entitled to it. It was a loan from the card company that has now been repaid to them as their T&Cs oblige retailers to do. They do this to avoid card holders circumventing their systems in order to get a free cash advance against their card.

Love Holidays have acknowledged that they were at fault cancelling the holiday when they did and have presumably agreed that you are still in credit with them to the tune of £873? However, unless you can find some way of returning the £527 refund to them then I don't think you can do anything about this. As fwh says, it is unlikely that the CC company will refund it to you since it looks as if even after they received the £527 you still owe them money on top of this. The best way forward might be to try and persuade Love Holidays that they should refund the remaining credit of £873 to you but bear in mind that if you paid this using a credit card that it will be repaid back to that card, not you. See it as a bonus that if they do this then it will reduce your remaining outstanding debt and perhaps in future not use credit cards to buy holidays if you have no plan in place as to how you will repay that loan?
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