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Get a phrase book. Look for one that has both Castillian (normal) Spanish and Catalan. The local Ibiethencos talk their own dialect which is more like catalan. So Buonos Dias (good morning) becomes Bon Dia. This sometimes gets smiles especially out of the towns.
Thats a bit like Brummie eeyar instead of here you are!
Agreed that Brummie like many local dialects can be confusing but Catalans are more like the Welsh. They have their own language (which has some similarities with Spanish but also has lots of French words in there as well) with it's own vocab, syntax and grammar and they have their own heritage and history. 1st time we went to Ibiza it was just like being in Wales (apart from the weather) with all the (Castillian) road signs painted out and re-written in Catalan . Nowdays the road signs are in Catalan.
Can u give me a few pointers on the most used phrases, please, thank you etc........can i have a beer, please etc etc
Hi Markas,

Try this website, its a good basic start

Good luck :)
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