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Hi Fiona,

You can buy the sun tan oil with lemon in a lot of shops, also in the hotels. It only cost a few Dinars (± 3,5 TD in local shops, in the hotels a few Dinars more) but take very care !!!!!! There is NO SUN-PROTECTION in this oil and it is very dangerous to use this in Summermonths.

Please use a suncream with a high protection (20 or 30) !

Enjoy your holiday in Tunisia ! :sun2

Kind regards from the Netherlands,
Do not touch this stuff with a bargepole!I tried it the first time I went 10 yrs ago,burnt to a crisp :duh
leathal stuff..........
a well made receipe for getting skin cancer!!!! you will burn :(
good grief :duh , I tan very easy, we go in october and I start with a 10 and drop to a 2 (still naughty I know) but I would not recomend this if no protection you will fry and spoil your holiday, nothing worse than sunstroke or being sore, and it defeats the object as you will peel and loose what could be a lovely tan :sun2
cor blimey !!!! I will deffo be staying away from this stuff :yikes
I used this lemon suntan cream/oil in 2014 best stuff I have used it was between 38c to 44c just 'reapply once every 30 mins it was the best tan iv had just wish I had bought some away yes it is 0 spf but as I said just reapply every 30 to 40 mins
Just because you don't burn when using it doesn't mean that it is offering you any protection whatsoever when it comes to damaging your skin let alone preventing skin cancer. In the words of my dermatologist 'A tanned skin is a damaged skin'.
Bluudy hell, lemon oil and sunshine :omg
Cold pressed lemon oil is phototoxic . Steam distilled lemon oil (Citrus x limon, Citrus limonum) is not.
You should only use products which contain cold pressed lemon oil, in products that you generally wash straight off, like shampoos and soap.

Citrus oils contain a substance called furanocoumarin which reacts with sunshine..... during the steam distillation process furanocoumarin is left behind. Cold pressed oils are obtained by literally squeezing/ pressing the plant to obtain the oil and they are more volatile.

If it's cheap and cheerful it will be cold pressed oil being used. Steam distilled oils are expensive, especially if it's the first distillation because it's the purest form....further distillations will start to deteriorate the oil.

Imo: unless it specifically states that the lemon oil is steam distilled, I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole....and it won't be costing pennies.
Apart from having no sun protection, would you knowingly use something that can give you skin cancer for the sake of a 'better' tan.?

Sanji x
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    Grrrrrrrrr predictive text.
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