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Are the taxis metered or is it a standard fare or is it in agreement with the driver? :think
If you use the airport taxi the price is on the board outside the building. If you use a private taxi it is up to you what you pay. The general rate this year Airport to Calangute is 750rps
When gettng taxi's from the airport the easiest option is just to get one from the counter, there's a price list up (http://www.childrenwalkingtall.com/Taxi.htm) and anyone who's tried pickng someone up from the airport will know the plane either comes in early or comes in late and one of you is always hanging around.
Don't forget though, out of courtesy, tell your rep you won't be getting on their bus but will be taking a taxi.

Likewise, on your return journey, make sure a message is left at Reception for your rep that you have already left.
The fare to the Airport from Calangute this year is 750rps
I usually arrange for one to pick me up but didn't last year, got one from the airport instead. I didn't pay at the box, paid in Candolim, gave him a 1000 rupee note, he drove off without helping me with luggage or giving me change, I was not happy!!
and anyone who's tried pickng someone up from the airport will know the plane either comes in early or comes in late and one of you is always hanging around.

Yes we are the ones usually hanging around at the airport , hot and fed up, or pushing the gas pedal down enroute after frantic phone calls 'where are you, we are here'!! :D
Hi I nipped into the Airport on Sunday and the taxi prices are still at the same rate (as on our website) for those who might have thought they'd gone up... Although I guess it's only a matter of time due to the fuel increases, althugh the government might hold off as Goa has much higher rates than other states anyway... the government rate is 15 rs a kilometer
Narial - you should be able to get a taxi to the airport for the same price as coming from the airport (unless it's up hill!!!) - 645 /-

When paying for anything (not just taxi's) make sure you they have change before getting in, and they've given you it!!! - I rarely hand over money without finding if they have change... Otherwise once they have got your money they say no change, wander off etc....
what is the up to date price for a taxi from the airport to calangute. :que
irishcolleen wrote:
les have a wee look here ........

No wonder my taxi driver loves us :cry Not really, we always give him a little over the odds.....because we love him too :rofl
It was on the news this morning that the calangute taxi drivers were feeling a little hard done by because 'outsiders' were also bringing in taxi's from mapusa etc and that more people including foriengers were hiring out bikes, it amuzed me that they said the hiring of bikes were adding to the conjestion. Strange I thought most of the conjestion was down to the taxi's ;)

I think there are too many families who have taxi's now (and not just one either ) that the downturn in tourisim will effect them, although they are still much higher prices than bombay etc.
Well the answer is quite simple... just charge the proper rate and tourists will go back and support the taxis. They started the problem!
A very true answer to the problem of charging from Big Neil !!, reading the Indian papers this has been an on/off situation for a long time as to wether or not to introduce meters.
To respond to jph77's query about prices, it has been mentioned many times on the forum about being 'ripped off', this is a big problem to 'newbies', who ain't got a clue.
One thing I would advise is to keep a lot of smaller notes (10/20/50rps) with you - all taxi/tuc-tuc drivers never seem to have any change so you get fed up waiting for it and always tell them to keep the change, (please try and understand the value of money in India, you wouldn't give a 3rd of your fair to a driver in this country would you ?).
Maybe people can post this seasons prices they have paid from getting from A to B.
P.S Use the local bus service, very very cheap and great fun (and a poke in the eye to greedy taxi owners).
prices from airport are gov rate from feb 2006 and from calangute jan 2005! have they increased?

taxis have meters in them but they are covered up and dont use them! most have the rate/ km painted on the corner of the windscreen,

I think most of the hotels have a price list that they are expected to work to. I know thats the case at the Marinha Dourada and I think they have to pay rent to the hotel to use their standing area.

we got one from Baga to the MD once at 4am and he quoted us 400ruppes the normal fare is 100! told him to get lost " its 4am sir " he said, he followed us and we finished up paying 200 only took a few min as nothing on the road. main thing is agree a price before and dont be afraid to say no!

the indian tourists have a special rate ;)
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