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Hi Trevor, it's good to hear from you as always, with regards to the Marina Hotel I know practically nothing about it apart from where it is which is overlooking Marsamxett harbour looking towards Valletta, it is on the way round to where the Fortina is as you head past the magic kiosk towards Tigne point, but strangely enough I had not even heard about it until last month, but one day we were travelling back from Valletta and we got talking to a very nice old chap who told us that he was staying at the hotel and he said he liked it very much, apparently he has stayed there quite a few times and he finds it very very friendly indeed, for example the manager of the hotel has got to know him quite well and actually goes to the airport to pick him up and takes him back again, he also told us that he has a favourite room and they always reserve it for him when they know he is going to Malta, apart from that I know nothing about it, I did a search on google for it and found a few links as I am sure you did, and it does look ok to me, I presume that you are planning a holiday here and this is why you are seeking information, for what it's worth mate if it was us we would give it a go depending on price of course, as you have nothing to lose, it is in an excellent location but if it's no good put it down to experience and never return, lets put it this way mate, I am pretty sure that it is no "Palm Court", if you do end up going let me know as this area is well known to Mrs Sliema2 and I for eating and drinking purposes and it will be my pleasure to share a few of these quality establishments with you.

Best wishes
Hello Trevor I know even less then Sliema2, so I am as much use as a Turk throwing stones at fort St Angelo, the only thing I do know is they do a great pasta in the Magic kiosk.

Hi Sliema2 & Dave,

Thanks for your reply. I knew I could rely on you both to reply promptly and to give me as much info as you knew.

You're quite right Sliema2 we are thinking about a holiday in the summer at the Marina and the reason we're considering this hotel is because when we hope to go, Sliema have their Festa and its position is excellent to observe this event, especially the fireworks on Manoel Island. We enjoy Festas in Malta and this will be the third time we will have been present at the one in Sliema.

What was worrying us was the thought of spending a fortnight at somewhere like the Palm Court because however folks try to make out what a wonderful time they had there, it's not for us. However, I have also read other reports on the net as you have and things seem pretty reasonable at the Marina. We know it's only a three star graded hotel but as you know if its clean, friendly and the food does not put you in hospital, that's all we really want since like you we don't go to Malta to sit around the hotel all day.

Thanks again for your replies. If either of you or anyone else reading this finds out any more info please let me know,

Just read a review on

It is a good review, and suggests you request a room with an upper floor marina view.
Hi Lesley,

Thanks for the info. As it happens I've asked for an upper floor room since I think the view would be better and it does insulate againsty some of the outside noise since the Marina is situated on a very busy road.

If you happen to come across any more info please let me know. I have to say that I've been using this excellent forum for the last few years (even before all the old stuff was deleted last year and we all lost our 'brownie points' stars!), and I'm amazed that noboby has ever made any report about the Marrina. I don't know if this a good thing or not!

We've decided to go anyway and I will certainly post a report when we return in late August,

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