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From a French friend of mine, I understand that it was 'rent a mob' from the adjoining villages .....

I have been living here in Eastern France for 13 years and my goal is to try to integrate as well as I can with my neighbours and to live in mutual respect and make good friends. I have been fortunate, and although am still known for being English (having called myself 'la vache folle' to make them laugh a bit), am very happily settled.

However I can well imagine how horrible it must be for the locals to have an ex-pat community of whatever nationality who are unwilling to change their attitudes to fit in with their host country. We are guests (often through choice) in someone's country and should not be trying to create a little England (or Germany) (or Spain) (or Algeria ... dangerous ground!) and isolate ourselves from our kind neighbours who have to put up with all our idiosyncrasies, and often with our making complete fools of ourselves by our pride, lack of respect for others, and complete pigheadedness.

Thank goodness for their tolerance and ability to look beyond our faults.
I totally agree Alsacienne. Integration is the best policy - I have lived in several countries over my life and never had any problems (not even here in UK :lol: ).

Learning the language is always a good idea too and there a little goes a very long way to show willingness and adaptability.

For some years now, there have been reports and photos about this sort of thing in Brittany but wouldn't know how true these reports are. Could be just a small incidents blown up out of proportion.

:) Thanks for your input, it is always best to get to information from people actually living in France, the newspapers in England still tend to be slightly anti-French.
I total agree if you are planning on living in another country you must do all you can to intergrate, learning the host countries language and about their culture can go along way in helping you understand and respect the people of the country you are choosing to live in and in turn hopefully they will learn that we are not all expecting to have our own little patch of England in some one else country.
jayne :thanks
the newspapers in England still tend to be slightly anti-French.

.......and the French tend to be slightly anti-British! :wink:
Touche Bawbee :lol: :lol:

Back to the original post,there was a snippit on BBC news on Saturday morning about it.The locals were raiding the estate agents,stealing all the brochures and setting fire to them in organised street protests,blaming the Brits of pricing them out of the housing market.
I would have to say its not just happening on Brittany,Cyprus (north and south)are also having a go at the Brits :cry:
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