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Hi Wayne

Yes you can walk it along the coast you go past the marina takes about 40mins plenty of eating/drinking places on route you will have quite a steep climb up into Torre at the end but i think you will find it worth it and you pass a nice cake shop.

Have a nice time
I second what the last poster said. Between Benal and Torre you will pass through a lovely area called La Cirrahuela. We stayed here Easter last year and found quite a few Spanish eateries and bars along the front there. It's a beautiful walk along the promenade.
Torremolinos is one our our favourtite places, especially for a short break - very close to the airport and the promenade goes on for miles on FLAT ground. It is a joy to walk and we recommend it to young and old. We like to visit the wonderful Marina in Benal and think we have had a drink in most of the bars there. We always sit outside and 'people watch', especially on a Sunday when the locals visit in their finery. We could spend all day there and probably have done - after a couple of hours and vinos, who cares about time!!!!
The beaches are super and I agree with Shirley, La Cirrahuela is another jewel - so laid back and very quaint.
Last time we stayed at the Tropicana Hotel - fabulous position but would not rush to recommend it.
They have a beach bar (which I would recommend) where anyone can dine and sometimes it seems like everyone does!
It is very popular - mainly for the position and the staff! If I can be of any assistance, please ask.
Depending where you are staying in Benalmadena, you can either walk by the side of the road or walk on Benalmadena promenade to the end, and then climb up the few steps and cross over the back of Benalmadena Marina to join the promenade again.

Technically, when you have walked a few hundred yards past the marina and the hotel Aloha Puerto, you are in Torremolinos.
From here you just keep walking and walking and walking....this takes you through area's known as Montemar and La Carihuela.
At the end of La Carihuela beach, the promenade takes you around a land point that juts out, know by me as the "rock" and this seperates the beaches.

Once you have walked around the rock, you will see the vast beach of Torremolinos, as far as the eye can see....keep walking.!
The town centre is set high behind the promenade and there are several ways to get up into the town level....steps, a lift and a different road route.
The promenade carries on passed Torremolinos town centre, so you need to ask the route or climb the steps ( hundreds of them) otherwise you could end up walking passed the town centre, passed Playamar and nearly at the airport. :smile:

The length of time walking depends on where you are staying in Benalmadena and how far you're away from the Marina and how fast you walk.
I think it will take longer than 40 mins, I personally couldn't do it in 40 mins, it takes us 20/25 mins to walk from the hotel Pez Espada which is more or less situated at the end of Montemar/beginning of La Carihuela and this is taking a short cut through the streets of La Carihuela to walk by the side of the N340 and into Torremolinos at town level.... we don't walk slow, we don't power walk either, just average.

we did this last week but got the train from Benalmadena 1.50 eu each to Torremolinos then walked backed it took a while but we kept stopping for a beer :rofl
We often walk into Torre cutting through the streets of la Carihuela to avoid steep hills and steps to join the main road, and have a drink when we reach the town centre, then catch the train to Arroyo and walk back down to the coast through Paloma park and back to La Carihuela.
Sometimes we just walk to Torre, have drink and a nosey around, walk down the steps to the promenade and back.
We once walked from Playamar ( sol principito apartments) to Paloma park in Benalmadena, now that was a killer in the heat. :yikes
We got as far as the Marina on the way back and I said "sod this for a game of soldiers" and got a taxi.
Roll on 5 weeks from today ...I'll test it out :tup

Thanks for all the replies.We are'nt going until 5th September.Not been to the Costa Del Sol since I was a kid.Stayed at the Las Palomas hotel on Torremolinos in 1969,is it still there?

It will make a change from the Balearics and Alicante and we are looking forward to it.
Stayed at the Las Palomas hotel on Torremolinos in 1969,is it still there

Yes, it's still there at the end of La Carihuela beach, just a few streets back from the promenade and on top of the hill, next to the N340.

As said ,it is a lovely walk,with plenty of places to stop on the way.If my niece can do it...anyone can :D
If you're staying near the beach at Benal you can get the bus into Torre - very freqent and cheap. Lunch in the town and a look round the shops then you only have to walk DOWN the 80 odd steps to the coastal walk back! Plenty of watering holes on the way back and it makes a really nice day out. We're back in 2 weeks - can't wait .

We stayed in the Benalmadena Palace and walked into Torremolinos twice by accident.

One day we were walking the coastal route and then we saw a sign saying Torremolinos.

Another night when it was a lot cooler we just walked on the streets and again were in Torremolinos before we knew it, both lovely walks and if you walk along by the beach plenty of places to stop off.


We are going to Torremolinos for the first time tomoorow for a 3 day break. So looking through this forum to get a feel for the place.

This walk sounds lovely (I mentioned it to hubby who said - I am going for a 3 day rest not hiking !! -)

Anyway when I get my own way I will try the walk - we are staying in a hotel on avda De Sorolla (Greigo Mar) I imagine the promenade is nearby ??

many thanks

It is about 15-20 min walk down to the beach
Going back to Spain for the first time in 20 odd years next month - am staying at Arcosur Principe apts in Benal' so pleased to hear there's a nice walk as we really enjoy walking

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