When arranging to meet someone you have chatted to on the forums, remember that you are dealing with a complete stranger. Don't exchange too many personal details online, such as home address or phone number. Use the site's private message system instead. It's never too late to cancel arrangements, if you have any last minute doubts. Just send a private message explaining that you have changed your mind.

Never go alone to the first few meetings and don't be tempted to divulge too much personal detail straight away. Wait until you get to know the person a little better, if indeed you do want to get to know them any better. If you feel in any way uncomfortable at any time and wish you hadn't made such plans, offer polite excuses and leave.

Hopefully any meeting will result in a long and happy friendship. But please try and remember during the relaxed holiday atmosphere, that you have just met a total stranger, who could be telling you absolutely anything which may or may not be entirely truthful.

Please remember too that Holiday-Truth.com accepts no responsibility whatsoever, and any arrangements are made entirely at your own risk.