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Weever fish?
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Hi Paula,
Don't know about Lardos in particular, but I have read one or two reports of weever fish on some of the beaches. I'm sure there is something on Holiday truths somewhere, but can't find the link at the moment.
To be on the safe side I think a pair of sandles or light shoes would be a good idea for swimming. The risks are very small, but it would give you peace of mind if nothing else.

We will be travelling to Rhodes and I've just noticed this post. What is a weever fish and what harm can they do?
the weaver family are a tropical and subtropical species of fish, often found near the shoreline where they lay on the bottom or sometimes cover themselves with a layer of sand to hid from their prey.. they have a row of spines on the dorsal fin, (similar to a perch), these sharp spines can puncture the skin and inject a toxin, in the main it is not serious to mr average unless it becomes infected, it will however cause some degree of pain and swelling, most dangerous to those with heart/kidney/liver problems or fish type allergies

( we also have weaver fish visit the britiah cost (mainly in the south} during spring through to the cooler days of autumn


THISsite (although for spain} gives good advice for anywhere in the med
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your link dosnt work
dose now too many commas sorry

Wow, I'd never even heard of them before. Thanks for that. We'll be travelling to Rhodes with hopefully quite a large party, including children. I'd better let the all parents know and that link will be handy.
Hi all,

just wanted to say thanks for all your replies :D Looks like we'll all be wearing jelly shoes this year! :shock: Hope there's no one there that knows me!!! :lol:

Let you all know if we encounter any of the offending fish when we get back. 5wks 4 days 6hrs,14mins to go but hey, who's counting?

Wouldn't worry too much - i've been visiting the island for 13 years, lived there for 2 years and the worst i've ever had is my toe nipped by a crab :D !!
On 28th March 2006 at 01:18pm, marcuschap72 said:
Wouldn't worry too much - i've been visiting the island for 13 years, lived there for 2 years and the worst i've ever had is my toe nipped by a crab :D !!
We have been visiting lindos beaches 2 times a year for 10 years, and have seen a man running out of the water screeming in pain saying he had been bitten. His toe was bleeding.
locals told us its weaver fish and that they get a few every year.
There is a bit of pain and a bit of blood, and removal of spines is needed. Local treatment centres know how to treat.
we saw one yesterday. Grey 6 inches long. The fish here vary in size depending on how deep, but they a shoal fish. Weaver fish are lone fish and swim along the bottom, and if disturbed kind if twist themselves under the sand. We have seen it with our own eyes.if you tread on one that's when the spines get lodged in your skin. I don't know if they actually bite you, or dispatch the spines in you.
we have been with our kids, who go in and come out 8 hours later! and they have never been bitten, and people are in and out most of the time without problems. They are there, but you have to be unlucky. You get fads, where people seem to start to wear gels sometimes if one does they all start, but most of the time bare feet fine.
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