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I love the dark nights. Fire & pjs on. Candles lit. All cozy & warm 👍

I'm going to Malaga for 3 nights in December to see their lights. Just hope it's not thick snow so we can get to the airport ok.
I definitely don't like the dark nights and the cold days. As I now have a 4 day weekend I can follow OH and his marathons. We have Gran Canaria in January- actually for 5 days, and Barcelona first week in March. Then 2 weeks in Goa and Mumbai in March/April. 1 and a half days in Mumbai , 12 in Goa and then 2 nights in Mumbai to finish. I think OH is still wanting to go on another Marathon over winter as well
Literally just got back from Cyprus last Thursday - now getting SAD as the cold and long nights set in! Already looking for early next year altho the OH is going skiing in Feb. for a week Might have to snatch a week somewhere in the Canaries in Jan.:)
I've been wearing shorts all year until yesterday -hate it when the jeans come out!!
We have been home just over a week. I hate leaving for work in the dark( 7.15am ) and leaving work when its dark (5.30 pm)
over here in Spain the clocks changed and so did the weather. temp dropped by over 10 degrees overnight and rain and wind now the order of the day; and it is half term break so lots of unhappy tourists looking for last week of sun
shorts have gone away this week and coat needed :( to go out
Here on the outskirts of Glasgow the night the clocks went back coincided with the first night of temperatures below freezing.
For several years I had a job two days a week where I worked in an internal office with no windows. Unless I left the building at lunchtime I didn't see daylight from when I picked the children up from school on a Monday until I took them to school on a Thursday. My mental health definitely suffered during that time.
That must have been awful Elaine 😱 I honestly can't imagine working in an environment without any windows... 😳
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