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shrimper wrote:
Our nearest airport is Bristol but in the spring we went from Cardiff because of the price difference. Taking into account the extra fuel and the bridge toll and a night in the airport hotel and eating out the evening before it was still over £100 cheaper and a much more relaxed morning having the hotel there.

VERY surprised that Cardiff was cheaper -was that flight only with Vuelling/Flybe ??
Thomson to Malaga, the real bonus was the hotel at Cardiff as I would not think of having a hotel at Bristol and start driving at 3am for a 6-30 am flight. Just been looking for a holiday and Bournemouth is coming in at £230 a person difference than Bristol, I think that has become my favourite airport
mine was Blackpool alas no longer operating to spain, Portugal only to Isle of Man and Belfast hate Manchester
Nothing wrong with Manchester airport. I'm very surprised at the difference in prices that have been quoted.

Are these just flights or package holidays and can anyone explain why there is the difference?
Babs135, if it is the prices I have quoted I think it would be very hard to give a true reason why, I think supply and demand have a part reason and I know that Exeter is our local airport and alot of people will only fly from there even if it is £ 120 per person dearer rather than go to Bristol, whether the companies work on that I do not know. At the moment Bournemouth is £300 per person cheaper for 2 days differant date, same company and hotel. £ 600 is a very good saving to me even with the extra traveling
Liverpool is our airport of choice when taking a trip back to UK from our home town in Cyprus.

It's the cheapest option for us Larnaca to Liverpool direct and we always stay 1 night on arrival at the Hampton by Hilton hotel directly on the airport. Miles cheaper than we can get for both flights and airport hotels at Manchester (our home city) and an easy route onwards by train into Blackpool the next morning to be close to where my parents now live.

We're off back again in a few months.... just extended our flight with easyJet from one week to two as we're on a UK property hunt near Blackpool/Cleveleys as my dad isn't strong enough to travel any more and isn't going to recover from the debilitating illness he has.

So, by the time we return to our roots we will have had 12 good years of life in the sun and are now looking forward to another chapter in life's great tapestry!
brewerdave wrote:
Cardiff every time - never busy, reasonable range of shops and restaurants....and only 10 minutes drive for us !! ;)
Unfortunately, little choice of holiday destination nowadays, so we have to drive to Gatwick to get to the longer haul routes -also VERY expensive compared with travelling from the larger airports -it was cheaper for us to fly from B'Ham last year to Corfu -even allowing for an overnight stay,8 days parking and petrol, we saved over £250 :yikes

Cardiff! had to take a friend there to catch a flight home to France. We started off on the M4, then a dual carriageway, then a road with traffic in both directions and eventually a road with passing places. Just when we were about to turn the sat nav off we saw the tail of a plane poking above the hedge, we had arrived!
Heathrow voted world's least favorite airport in Telegraph. I also think so. It is one of the largest airport in the world.
Gatwick. The easiest to get to and good selection of shops and restaurants
Well, in my view Inverness Airport is the best as it hosts lovely beaches with great parking schemes too.
Heathrow Airport, London's main hub, is also one of the world's busiest airports.
For me it's Bristol. Nice and easy to get to and I find there's enough to do to keep you occupied before your flight.
My favourite airport is London City. It is easy to get to and far less crowded and busy than Heathrow or Gatwick.
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