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We also have a number of "favourite" destinations for a host of reasons. But sitting in a Greek taverna by the beach in the early evening, with a Mythos and a bit of fresh bread, takes some beating!!
On the basis of how many times I've returned there, then Santiago de Cuba must be my favourite destination and the thing that has kept me going back (8 times in coming up to 13 years) is the music and cultural scene. I love the music, I love the dancing and the whole vibrancy of life there. That first mojito on the first evening sat in the terrace bar of the Casa Grande looking out over Parque Cespedes watching the world go by on the evening paseo signals the start of the holiday. It means the beginning of at least two weeks of learning new dance moves and going out to practice them to top class live music each evening at an amazing choice of venues. Leisurely meals taken on the roof terrace of my favourite casa, looking out over the city and latterly, checking whether there is a cruise ship in the port and deciding whether that means that the Casa de Trove will be packed out and whether we should go to one of the lesser known venues of f the tourist trail instead. And on the last two trips it's been an opportunity to catch some quality time with my two lovely nieces who have come to love the place as much as me.
I'm with brewerdave, a Greek taverna at the edge of the beach, a plate of Gyros and a Mythos. takes some beating. Any Greek island, the smaller the better, one of the best for us was Kimolos, but then we have visited 30+ so many to choose from.
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