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H10 Ocean Blue & Sand Hotel

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5 stars
Playa Arena Gorda, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Right on the sea front at the wonderful beaches of Bávaro, immersed in the green of tropical palm trees, close to the White Sands golf course, the Ocean Blue and Ocean Sand hotels dispose of complete suites, all-inclusive services.

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13 years 2 months ago
Great Hotel , Friendly staff no problem with communication.
Premium drinks Great choice at Buffet.
Big pools no problem getting a bed.
Beautiful Beach.
Rooms are a little tired.
Not exactly 24 hrs .The sports bar stays open until 04.00 with a few snacks.
Not all Theme restaurants open every evening at least 2 closed every night.
Food not hot in the Buffet
Cold food being put out (I advised the Chef that the fresh new dish of chips were cold,very helpful, he took away my plate came back in 5 minutes with hot hard burnt chips ?}
One pool swim up bar closed for the 2 weeks we were there.
Constant drilling as the Theater was being dug up ,hence shows were in the lobby bar, meaning there were few seats, very busy bar and this meant no where to sit and talk.
Sun bed covers very grubby, beautiful sand ruined by guests to lazy to use an ash tray, and I smoke.
FOOD POISONING on the 2nd day of holiday meant a miserable few days in the room cramp vomiting and diharea could not eat the food or enjoy the Alcohol for the rest of our holiday and spending nearly all my time on the toilet.despite just drinking fluids , and a 24 hour stay in the HOSPITAL. on drips anti biotics etc.Great experience.!
Perhaps I was unlucky but other people suffered bad stomachs,I am a experienced traveler and have never been so ill before.
The Hotel has a lot to offer but I had a miserable time, apart from the great people you meet whilst on holiday.

Travel operator: First choice

13 years 2 months ago
I cant explain how disappointed I am with the Ocean Blue. After looking forward to this holiday for 12 months the standard of the hotel was a real let down.

Our experience started off on check in when at 5.30pm when we arrived our room wasnt ready despite the hotel not even being half full. When we did get into it the standard of cleanliness was very questionable and was to remain so for the whole 2 weeks.

First use of the shower resulted in it falling to pieces, literally the whole thing fell off the wall. This was to be followed by the toilet roll holder falling off the wall to be fixed about 4 days later. The shower flooded the bathroom everytime you used it and despite maintenance knowing of it this never got fixed.

The safe only worked when it wanted to. You constantly see the 'security' men walking through the hotel with their black case to fix peoples safes. Ours either locked fast or would not open on 4 different occassions including the morning we were heading off on an excursion. Needless to say we could take no money or cameras with us as we were leaving the hotel at 8am and the maintenance guys didnt start until 9am.

The room was never 'cleaned' before 5pm on any day including the day of the wedding we were there for. Despite a request to Guest Services they just didnt bother doing to fulfil it which as you can imagine was extremely frustrating.

We booked a full day excursion leaving at 7am and as bizarrely the alarm clocks in the rooms gain time (despite resetting it gained 25 minutes in one day!)my friend and I set our mobile phones to get us up. Given the situation with the safe I put my phone in the draw and my friend had hers on the dressing table. On return from the day trip both phones had been stolen. We called reception and asked for a manager to come up to the room. After 20 minutes and nobody showing up we headed down to reception where once again we asked for the manager. The staff told us to take a seat. Another 15 minutes later we were still sat there when I asked why we still hadnt been seen to the receptionist told me that I would have to speak to Guest Services!! Totally unbelivable. When we went across to Guest services they said they would have to search the room. Fine. 2 people came up with us and completely turned the room upside down (and did not put it back!) this included going through our handbags without permission and resulted in a pair of broken glasses. I've worked in hotels before and I insisted that they read the door lock to show who had accessed the room that day. Reluctantly they did and went off to 'print the report'. 90 minutes later they still hadnt done this! After another trip to reception to chase this up they told us that the room had been accessed twice. We assumed that this was us and then the maid when she serviced it. It turns out that this was actually twice by the maid - bearing in mind that she never cleaned the room before 5pm, she had entered at 9.30am and 12.42pm.

We acknowledge that the phones should not have been left out of the safe but at worst the maid has taken them or at best she has left the room unattended which we later found to be not unusual. You would see bedroom doors wide open with the trolley outside with no maid to be seen! Quite disgusting. The hotel refused to do anything about this and even refused to give us a print out of the door lock report which I asked for incase the phones had been used between the time they were taken and the time we managed to bar them.

It turns out that thefts from rooms here is a common occurance. It happened to other guests the same week and after looking at other review sites its an ongoing problem.

On another matter our Rep was totally uninterested and even when we asked if he had a list of numbers for phone providers to bar the phones he refused to help!

A good holiday ruined by slack standards and thieving staff.

Travel operator: Thomas Cook

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