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3 Vance Rd, Blackpool FY1 4QD

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Avoid at ALL costs guys.
4 years 1 month ago
I booked this 'hotel' for a one night family getaway, so the kids could see the illuminations etc. We arrived at the hotel, after ringing a door bell a woman came out and said that we are in the 'sister hotel'. She came out and walked down an alley, so we followed. She opened the door to another building entirely, held the door open with a fire extinguisher then showed us a room upstairs. It was a quick exchange of keys for cash, then she said the previous guests had only just told her the bathroom light stopped working, then mentioned something about an electrician then left, we never saw her again. The room didn't look too good but we didn't take too much in at first because we wanted to get out with the kids. Later on when we were in there longer, things became apparent. We noticed exposed wires, missing door handles, holes in the walls, an electric supply trip box on the floor, filth and dust, a damaged plug socket.

When one of us went to the toilet only then did we notice the bathroom sink missing, meaning we had to wash our hands in the kitchen area sink. I also had to use a plastic disc off the sink as a plug for the plug hole as I knelt there to have a shave. A bit later on I went to close the windows and found the handles missing, there was a sash jammer on each window which could not seal the window shut tight enough to stop the outside noise, we could even hear footsteps of people simply walking past, never mind all the shouting and vehicles outside on the quite busy road. The others finally fell asleep late, I was the last to go to sleep, and that was helped by having a blocked ear, I laid on my arm with my good ear so it kind of sucked to my arm, I then fell asleep. I woke up and saw daylight and was relieved I'd slept as it was me who was the only driver, - to get home. We couldn't get out of there fast enough. We usually unpack our cases but on this occasion we just didn't. I went to hand the keys back and told them what I thought (politely), they tried to tell me that the damages etc must have happened yesterday and offered me a free room in a month or two, at that point I nearly laughed, said bye then walked off.

We were all disgusted at the room, even the kids knew it wasn't right, and luckily they're old enough to know not to go near wires and stick their fingers in holes in plug sockets. I actually seriously thought about just leaving on the night and finding another hotel somehow, but after a talk about it we decided not to as we were there and had paid.

This is a genuine review, I don't falsify anything on my reviews or the integrity of all my reviews would be put in doubt. I have reviewed many hotels etc mainly in the U.K, a few abroad from b&b to 5 star and I like writing a good positive review, on this occasion I feel I need to write this review to hopefully save another person/family from enduring the same experience as we did. Luckily for us the weather was nice and we had fun.

Please stay somewhere else, do not stay here. I have included photos too on Tripadvisor, link below.

Stayed: September 2017, with family

Travel operator:

Hotel tip: My one and only tip for this 'hotel' is DO NOT stay here.

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