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Coma Gran Aparthotel

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3 stars
Calle Cards, 63, 07560 Sa Coma, Spain
Conveniently located for the beach and resort centre, so all amenities are within easy walking distance. A bus stop is also nearby, with services to the neighbouring resort of Cala Millor.

67 Reviews

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Carolyn Carr
15 years 10 months ago
We stayed here at the end of September 2003 and was the best family holiday we've had in a long time. There was my mam, dad my daughter(19 months at the time)and me.

There was something for us all. In the day my mam, dad and Ellie would go for walks and I would stay by the pool topping up my tan.

The staff at the hotel were very friendly and made us feel very welcome.

We went to the hotel self catering but we decided to go half board after a week as Ellie was very picky eater, our last night we went to a restaurant we had found on our first week where they made the best stake ever!!!

The entertainment was fantastic and brilliant!!!! Ryan and Joff were really funny and if you didn't want to join in they would leave you alone. I even won a super family's t-shirt by winning the quiz at the side of the pool I was over the moon with my prize. We even got hooked on bingo which started the evening entertainment.

Thanks Thomson's for a great holiday!

Travel operator: THOMSON'S

16 years ago
Stayed here in June 2003.

Everything about the hotel is brilliant. Food is excellent as are the Thomson kids clubs and entertainers. I would recommend it to any one.
We don't normally go back to the same place twice but we are thinking of going again next year as it was that good.

Just a quick note on the sunbed situation:-

On arrival you receive an information pack with the usual leaflet saying it is not allowed to reserve sunbeds. We took this with a customary pinch of salt. To our amazement 99% of residents refrained from reserving sunbeds. We regularly went down to the pool just after 10.00 am to find lots of sunbeds still available. Whilst we were there three towels were removed from loungers that had not been used for an hour or two. We even went down at 12.00 midday and still found beds free. We did stay in June but the Thomson reps/entertainers would announce at poolside if they thought people were guilty of reserving sunbeds. They repeatedly warned people that towels would be removed from beds that had been reserved. This was not an empty threat as towels were removed during our stay.
Obviously this policy requires cooperation from fellow guests, but we found no problem at all getting a sunbed.
If you do notice any body reserving beds please let a Thomson rep/entertainer know and they will remove them.

David, Sarah and Thomas 33,32,3.

Travel operator: Unknown

16 years 10 months ago
The Coma Gran was a lovely place to stay . It was really clean and we found the staff very pleasant and helpful . We found our apartment comfortable and the air conditioning was a must. Watch out for the light if you are over 5ft 5 though !!!!!! The pool area was lovely and clean but was a little on the small side when the activities (water polo) were taking place as it was at the shallow end of the pool and meant that the kids who could not swim well had to get out of the pool and mine did not like that . Neither did they want to join in or join the kids clubs and activities . I knew about the sunbed situation having read the reviews so basically if we had a lie in we went to the beach and went in the pool after 4.00 when sunbeds became vacant. I never got up at the crack of dawn for a sunbed but managed to get one each day I wanted to go to the pool as we don't sleep late even on holiday . The people getting up at rediculous hours were not just bagging beds but were getting the best spots around the pool , it was endless fun for our family watching the lengths some people went to to sit in the same spot for 2 weeks !
We ate out every night , the pizza place near the hotel did lovelly paella and the best steaks were at jj's and the old mill. Christys has 2 quizzes each night and we won a prize twice.The pasteleria on the corner has fabulous cakes and ice cream creations , a lovely place to sit and watch the world go by .
We went in Valentinos which is at the back of the Coma Gran and were looked after like royalty by the young swiss couple running the bar and had a beautiful jug of sangria and fabulous fruit cocktails for the kids .
The golf paradis is very close by and we enjoyed a hotly disputed mini golf family tournament. If you pay for 54 holes (3 zones of 1 you can complete one zone and leave your card there and go back another time to finish the other zones which did take us almost an hour to complete.
The beach at sa coma is beautiful , you can walk out for ages and it was very safe for children.
We had a lovely holiday and we came back feeling very relaxed in spite of being shackled to two children who constantly seemed to be bickering with each other , refused to join kids clubs, wouldn't mix with other children ,were too lazy (until the point of parental explosion) to put on sun cream and who could never agree on where they wanted to eat on a night. Family life eh , still, I'm taking them away next year so it can't have been that bad !
Alison & family ages 42, 46,12 and 9

Travel operator: Unknown

16 years 10 months ago
Had a lovely holiday at the Coma Gran.Food good,rooms very clean and large.However you cannot get a sunbed anywhere near the pool unless you got up before 6am to put your towel down!We saw sad people putting towels on beds at 5am!!
Only went to the pool once,it's not worth getting up at 5am for!
The beach is great,and so is Sa Coma But we will not go back to the Coma Gran until the sunbed thing is sorted.
We feel sorry for the management as you are told not to reserve sunbeds at the start of your holiday.
So to sum up,3* hotel but 1* guests!

Travel operator: thomson

16 years 11 months ago
It is a great family hotel with lots of things to do, we stayed for a week which was not long enough for us. we thought it was so good that we are going back to the same hotel 'coma gran' next year. The staff were very helpful and friendly. i would really reccomend you go to pirates which you will find out about at your morning meeting with lots of other trips you can go on. i wouldnt reccoment the glass bottom boat if its a windy day but if otherwise, go for it, its a good day out. if you cant get a good pub go to brittainia the foods good and so is the night entertainment, you can even try your hand at karaoke. its a good family holiday for all ages.

Travel operator: thomson

16 years 11 months ago
I would just like to say what a fanstastic place to stay its the second time that me and my daughter have been. Its just a real shame that next year its not going to be a single parent offer there we wont be able to go.
I would like to congratulate Charlene Rob Martin Gemma and Zoe on entertaining everybody they do a really great job.
My Daughter Georgina really enjoyed herself with the mini disco and Bingo because she won it and is still awaiting her money from me !
I would definety recommend this hotel to anyone its great. We had a lovely holiday only been back home a week and wish we were still there. I hope the weather has picked up.
The Staff were very helpful and the food in the resturant was excellent.
The Reception staff even dried our towels for us.
Vanessa and Georgina
The little girl who had the cat and still takes it everywhere!!!

Travel operator: skytours

16 years 11 months ago
49 on the rifle shoot, don't believe it, see if anyone can beat 4 certificates in one day and a suitcase full of baseball caps. Customs confiscated them they thought we were importing them to sell chance. Martin parted with any more goody bags yet? i bet not so many, it'll be the yorkshire in him!.
As anyone claimed our table by the green box yet? did our friend with the hair cover, appear at the bingo again since winning? what the shows not proffessional enough....I don't believe it(too much minidisco creeping there).
Thanks for the laughs and the fun once again.

Travel operator: skytours

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