So we're returning to Candolim after 9 years away!! We're going to be staying in Candolim and frequenting places such as Bob Marley shack, Monica's shack, Sham's Shack... I'm assuming you'all know the area I'm talking about.

I have accommodation costs nailed down but I'm wondering what the shack & restaurant prices are like now. The plan is beach shacks all day then restaurants at night, nothing too flash though. Maybe a night or two at The Stone House or similar. Is The stone House still good?

Anyway I'm after beach prices for Kingfisher and Vodka (not in the same glass) and also soft drinks. Also breakfast and lunch on the beach. Breakfast scrambled eggs orthe like and lunch will typically be chicken/ prawn masala with a naan bread kind of thing.

Also the same for restaurant drink & food in the evening but based on a starter and main.

Any idea on up to date prices would be great.

Any good value (I know they all kind of are) restaurant suggestions would also be good.