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in malgrat de mar i was told a couple of years ago that if i wanted 800 cigs or more i needed to show my passport. just seemed like a pain at the time but i always got a receipt anyway with or without a passport.
last week i went into my usual tabac, didn't have my passport as i was just passing and they would not sell me 800 cigs.
next day i went into their sister business to get my cigs, armed with my passport, and they never bothered asking for it!
seems to be another of these spanish laws that they use when they want.
re cigs in hand luggage, gerona airport do a sweep on everyone now and again, and will open sealed cartons to ensure that every packet has the duty stamp on them
Hi Jim.
In the past I've never been asked for my passport. We both buy cigs together using cash (usually 10 cartons each) and they automatically gave me a receipt, just like you'd get when buying anything from any shop.

Strange that I've carried cigs before in my hand luggage and it was the opened carton of cigs that triggered a check. :shrug
Sanji x
I always keep my tobacco purchase receipts in my purse but more to do with security here.

We often do runs to Belgium for our tobacco & always get asked when docking at Hull, & passing through passport control if we have any tobacco. (I think they help customs by filtering ) We're used to their questioning & once had every pouch counted by Customs.

It usually goes like this:-

"Have you any cigarettes/tobacco?"
"Yes, tobacco"
"How much?"
"You do know the guidelines are 1 Kilo?"

When we got pulled aside the woman asked how much tobacco we had, we told her the truth (never lie) & she counted both our purchases to check. We were then asked a series of questions such as do we work, how much do we smoke per week, how did we pay for the tobacco cash or card. We pay by card so they know it's coming from our bank account & we haven't been given cash by someone else.

Thanks for the heads up Sanji, especially regarding passport on purchase . 👍

I can understand the airport checking you purchased from a shop but not why the shop needs to see your passport or ID.
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