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Hi there,

The cigs are cheaper on the plane,£26 for 400[£35 in duty free at Manchester],I bought 400 on the plane and another 400 coming back,also on the plane all cigs are same price but in duty free the price can vary according to the brand.Don't know about the price of tobacco.
I think you're only supposed to have 200 per person though !!!!!

Ciggies are 15 pounds for 200 B&H on the plane on the way to Tunisia, about 3.5 dinnar when in Tunisia (foreign ones).

Local ciggies (I smoke mars while in Tunisia) are 1.750 DT for a packet of 20 (go to a normal shop, in the hotel they can be 2.500 DT, big diference if you smoke 40 a day like myself LOL)

On the way back I got 400 Mars at duty free at Monastir (10 euros for 200 ciggies) but I believe benson etc were about 20 Euros for 200.

Got a bit confused trying to convert between 3 currencies - will take a calculator next time I think.

Anyway - nobody cares what you got at Monastir but legally you can only have 200 per person (adult, not kids).

Saying that, I smuggled about 800 fags (Mars) from Tunisia - they ARE for my own use so I do not see a big deal about this being a problem :evil:

I think those limits are just stupid :evil:

Poland is in EU and still can only legally bring 200 fags. That does not last me a week :cry:

Try Mars (red or white which are "light") when you there - cheap at about 1.750 DT per packet. If you do not like them - not much money wasted, if you do - lots of money saved.

When I am abroad I eat/drink/smoke whatever locals do :)
When we came back last week it worked out about £1 more to get them at the airport from duty free costing approx £14-16 for 200. We bought ours from a tobbaconist in hammamet central
If you are a roll your own person then be aware that rolling tobacco and cigarette papers are hard to find in Tunisia.
Can hand rolling tobacco be bought in Tunisia?? if so, what is it like??
Hia Fiona, when we were in Tunisia in August, I personally never seen one shop that sold hand rolled tobacco, a family we got talking, eventually found a shop selling tobacco (can't remeber which one though :oops: ) but said it was expensive, I think personally because the cigarettes were so cheap, I never saw no ciggy papers either, so if you take hand rolling tobacco, make sure you have plenty of cig papers :)

You can buy tobacco at the duty free when coming home :)
And there's a duty free landside when you arrive in Monastir.
will have to take a couple of boxes of papers (5 pack size) and a couple of boxes of tips too!

Aslemma - we arrive around 2.30am I reckon place will be closed, hopefully not
I think it will be closed at that time Fiona, so just take a good supply from the UK if you really prefer to roll your own, or make do with the cigarettes you can get out there, remembering to buy from the proper kiosks and not off the boys on the beach or the street.
Cigs in pek i found it hard to get well known English brands like mayfair which we smoke back home, and you can only bring back 200 per adult. When i go back next year im gonna just buy mine at duty free.
I smoke Superkings in the UK and though I've seen them in Sousse recently I always buy Royales out there as they are quite similar and at about 2.500 dinar a packet (just over £1) don't break the bank. I always buy a couple of cartons to bring home and pack them in my hold luggage as they don't seem to have them at the airport.
When we was on the beach last week,men were comming along selling cartons of cigarettes but I did not buy off them,nobody did,Im a bit dubious buying off them so many fakes,I bought extra on the plane going out £28 for 400,should last me till xmas.b
Dont buy at UK airport,buy on the plane much cheaper.
Never buy cigarettes off the boys on the beach or the streets as they are mostly counterfeit, no matter what it says on the label. :roll: I have no moral objection to counterfeiting (though I know I should feel outraged that it is denting the profits of many companies) but I do object to the fact that they taste like camel dung. :yikes Cigarettes sold in the proper kiosks or shops are perfectly OK and good value.
I bought 3x200 marlboro cigarettes in monastir for 10TD per 200...Dunno if they were counterfeit or not as I dont smoke,but none of the people I took them back for complained!!
Can anyone tell me if you can buy rolling tobacco on the plane out to Tunisia, or only cigarettes available?
hi yes you can get bacci in tunisia but its hard to find and tends to be old and dry as not meny shops sell it as the ciggies are so cheap.
get your bacci on the plane and just buy ciggies in tunisia.
Just got back from PEK the cigarettes on the plane are the cheapest. Superkings and Regal were £28.00 per 400.
The advice given by many members is not to buy cigarettes from people on the beach as they are counterfeit is certainly true. But I bought several sleeves of Superking Black (they were the only British brand available) in both of the tobacco shops in the marina at PEK and they all turned out to be fakes. I don't smoke so I can only go on what my family have told me, they all said they were rubbish and they could not smoke them!

The packaging was very good, but on close scrutiny and comparing them with the genine article they were obviously counterfeit. They had the health warnings on the packet and also the Tar and Nicotine content. But what was missing was the Carbon Monoxide content and the tar and nicotine content was much higher than on the genuine article. Another giveaway was that the sleeves were wrapped in paper. I am informed that all brands of Superkings are in cardboard sleeves covered in cellophane. They were 25 Dinars per 200 but they are no bargain as no one in my family could smoke them.
So my advice is buy on the plane or in duty free. If you are tempted to buy from shops in PEK examine them very carefully and be aware of what should be on the packet or you will get ripped off, take a genuine packet with you to compare. Most sleeves of British cigarettes are in cardboard boxes covered in cellophane and if you are offered ones that are covered in paper, even though it may say duty free and have the Imperial Tobacco logo on the paper they are definitely fakes and not worth buying at any price!
Interesting to see about the Superkings Wentworth. I've seen them down by the Medina in Sousse but didn't want to risk it and stuck with Royales as usual. Incidentally I found Royales more difficult to locate last week but still managed to get them eventually. Failing that I would fall back on Mars (I haven't yet fallen as low as Crystal) :roll:
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