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My son came back a couple of weeks ago and paid £19 for L &B and I think it was £36 for 10 x 50g Golden Virginia.
here's price list for june 2004 they were roughly the same in oct 2004, havent got around to updating it yet
The price of Lambert & Butler went up at the local Tabacos from 26.50€ to 28€ about 10 days ago. Whether this was due to an L&B price increase, tax or a combination of both I don't know, but they seem to have gone up everywhere.

UK brands between 25-30 euros GV bacci 36 euros (01/01/2005) dont wait till you get to the airport the prices are quite a bit higher
how much is golden virginia tobacco buying in majorca??
It was 35 euros for 10 50 gram packs in the tabaco shops in Dec
Going majorca next week (looking forward ) question what price for a sleeve of cigerrettes anyone been there lately.
Lambert & Butler 28€ a sleeve at all tabacos

Rate if exchange on street today 1.425 - no commission

Will their be tobacconist shops in the resort is it a big resort going in june the 15th we are staying in the calla millor gardens i think it is near to the beach wich is the main shopping centreCan you walk in to the other resorts like calla boner or is it too far thanks sandi
Yes, Yes and err Yes, Have a good time :D
there are loads of tobacconists in the resort - make sure you shop around tho' as prices do vary.

Promenade at Cala Millor runs into Cala Bona - it's a really nice flat walk, in fact hard to see where cala Millor ends and Cala Bona starts.

It is a good sized resort with everything you'll ever need - try and use the SYP supermarket near where the horses stand as it's used by locals and therefore MUCH cheaper than the many Spar shops you'll see.

There's 3 Burger Kings and a KFC as well as a whole host of bars and restauarants!

You MUST make time to go and visit CHEERS BAR - fantastic well priced freshly cooked food and friendly service!

Sa Coma is a bit further away, there's a Badia Express 'train' that goes between Cala Bona/Cala Millor/Sa Coma which is great for kids and adults alike.

We are going this summer (our 5th visit back to the resort) - you'll love it!
Question for

Thanks for the tip on the supermarkets!
Where do the horses stand?
Is it on the front, will
find it easily? :wink:
Last went in about 1980 when the first Wimpy arrived there.
As you walk along the central shopping walkway (a street in front the promenade) you'll see the area where the horses stand (and also taxis).

Basically once you come to the horses walk up the road away from the sea front (approx 100m) and it's on the right. It's a nice sized supermarket and fresh meat counter is great - whacking great turkey/chicken fillets for next to nothing.

Other cheap supermarkets are BIP (one to the rear of the Hotel Don Jaime and another heading into Cala Bona on the back road.

A good website for general Cal millor info is:
Oops I meant to say a the walkway is the street BACk fom the promenade!
Cheapest Tobbaconist is on the front between taxi rank and beach boys bar - excellent chilli con carne at Beach Boys - anyone who is a regular there and doesn't yet know but Eddie passed away this winter but Sue is still keeping it going.
Another very good bar with friendly welcome is Alan & Di at AD Weatherspoons - immediately over the road from Cheers Bar. Simply Red is a Welsh owned bar on the street behind Cheers/Weatherspoons - good grub, decent pint.
You can also go into any of the hotels - be selective though because the prices can be steep. Talayot is reasonable.
Anyone going over between May7-16 we will see you around.
Martin & Teri
Shock about Eddie - we used to go there for a brekkie come lunch and it was always delish!

very sad! :cry:
Hi there ,
I got into an interesting thread on the Menorca forum today. A few years ago whilst on holiday in Majorca with my family my brother visited a tabac shop in magaluf, he said he was fed up with the rising cost of british brands out there. So we bought 1 pack each of the various spanish brands which were half the price of embasy etc. Through trial and error we found a brand called Palace which most of us liked and tasted very much like our normal brands . Every time our clan fly to spain now they bring back thier full quota of palace but last week whilst in malaga he said he couldnt find any . So that got me to thinking , what other brands do holiday truth readers find as good as the british ones.
I know its an un healthy topic and we should all stop puffing away but a lot of people still spend a fair amount of thier holiday money on fags and booze to bring home so any saving helps
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