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Of course you can... it's sold in most bars along with Amstel and you can pick up cans and bottles very cheaply in the supermarkets. (I usually have a couple to "warm up" with before I go out for my evening meal). Have a great time in Corfu. You'll love it.
Thanks AgentQ

When I was in Zakynthos I was disappointed to find that there was no Mythos available there.
Like yourself I think it's important to 'warm up' before going out for the evening meal.

This is our first time in Corfu, staying in Kassiopi and really looking forward to it.

I found this Greek beer info here

Greek Beer Trivia

Research indicates that just three lagers - Heineken, Amstel and Mythos - make up 90% of the beer sold on the Greek market.

Over 75% of beer is consumed between April and September. The bulk of beer is consumed in bottles as opposed to cans or on draught.

The first domestic beer, Fix, was brewed in 1864. The factory closed in the 1980s, but the brand name re-emerged in 1997 after Olympic Breweries purchased the rights.

The Athenian brewery Heineken was one of nearly a dozen Athens 2004 Olympic sponsors.

I'm thirsty - thipsao.
I'd like a beer -tha eethela meea beera
Cheers - steen eegheeia
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