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Hi, I think you'll find this song was/is played all over the Balearics if not mainland Spain as well!

I know I've come across posts about it on a forum before, (maybe HT in a previous incarnation???) so give me a few minutes and I'll see what I can find..... :wink:
Well here's something I found on Google.....there's a thread in the Ibiza forum...... :hyper

Hope this helps!!!

(Now you've got me humming the wretched thing :? )
Hi Acorncup,

How addictive is this song, once in your head that's it for the rest of the day :lol:

Just to let you know that I am now the proud owner of this song, and tomorrow will be editing holiday video and singing this song whilst doing so. If anyone is brave enough (or sad enough) to want it let me know !!!

Bye for now x
Abosolutely love this song!! know the actions and everything!! sad considering im a grown up!!

I thought translated it meant something along the lines of the A E I O U (vowels) thing??? if it is the same one were talking about!

let me know!! oh, and yes im sad i would love a copy!!

Caroline & Kirsten :wave
veo veo, sey es, en a cosita, es cosita es la la la la la (defo not right spelling but what the hell!)
Menorca, Sardinia, Turkey, Tenerife........

They all appear to have the same tape: this song, agadoo, hokey cokey, the train song.....
:) To all the fans of Veo Veo (" I spy") I have this on cd and have a written spanish version of the words(from Beatriz- a past entertainer at Aparthotel Rosamar in San Antonio Bay in Ibiza-2003) I have not found the words on the internet or even the song but have found various references to it. My daughter has a student assistant in her class who has since informed me this is a "Nursery rhyme/game" which is shameful as i and my family have sung this at our loudest in the Ibizan streets!!!! I suppose we may have well sung "Humpty Dumpty"!!!!!!!! We do think though that this song will stay with us forever and we know all the actions too. We went to the same Hotel in Sept 2004 and the guests dint know the song. We made sure they did and even taught the Spanish entertainer the actions.....It well caught on. :D . We are off ther again in Aug and I hope this song and others come up again................I may take my cd to ensure this!!
Please contact me for more info as I am hoping to be able to send this on to anyone interested.( :oops: beware as I am a computer virgin!!)
My email is

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Many thanks
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