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Holiday Nausea
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My daughter is an anxiety sufferer and she gets constant nausea and on my life I have never met someone who is so afraid of throwing up. She hasn't thrown up for 6 years but every single day she feels really sick and it stops her from going out even to the supermarket. We've had a really bad 3 years with all of this. When you come back could you perhaps try CBT? this therapy is very good and I know that it has helped many people. As for the sickness right now, you should ask your doctor for Cinniarazine my daughter takes 15mg only when needed and they work within 5 seconds for her and the amazing thing is - I'M NOT EXAGGERATING! :yikes 2 when needed and if the nausea comes back after 8 hours then you can take another one. She's very nervous about travelling because we have to go in 2 taxis, 1 coach, 1 bus, 4 hour 30 minute plane ride but having these pills have gave her lots of re-assurence. If you would like to talk about your nausea a bit more then please do feel free to :)
CourtneeLouise xx

P.S! My daughter is the same with eating, she will only eat salads, potato's etc and she drinks water & juice. So you are very similar :tup have you asked your doctor if this could be a case of IBS?
is this just nausea (no other symptoms?) and are you saying it's linked to Anxiety or do you feel it's something to do with the actual travel? And do you ever get it at home?
It could be something to do with the pressure in your ears! Maybe something is making you feel dizzy which then makes you feel sick!
Courtneelouise, thanks for you reply, I will certainly ask my Doctor about this tablet. And yes, I do have IBS.

Steve8482, It is only nausea, and I dont worry about travelling or flying but then I never get it at home...

Chivas, I did wonder whether it was something to do with the pressure on the plane, again perhaps I should go to the doctor with some suggestions you have all given and see what he says....

Knowing my G.P. he'll just shrug his shoulders and say " could be any one of those" !!! :(

Thanks for all your suggestions. :tup
could it be Vertigo , due to the flight
could it be Vertigo , due to the flight

If it was it would continue for a similar length of time after the return flight home - is this the case?

I get vertigo attacks as result of a long term condition relating to the inner ear and I find that Buccastem (ionly available on prescription) excellent for controlling the assocaited nausea because it is relatively quick acting. You put it up between your gum and upper lip and it slowly dissolves but controls the symptoms very quickly and effectively so if your GP confirms that it is vertigo you might want to ask about this.

I usually land up seeing the hotel doctor who then prescribes tablets and gives me an injection. None of which work.

The one time that I've had severe problems, the injection that I was given worked instantly so I think that in the light of this, perhaps Courtneelouise has hit the nail on the head? You don't have to go down the chemical route for treating anxiety - as Courtneylouise suggest, CBT can do wonders but hypnosis or one of the herbal options might do the trick for you as well.

The reason I asked about further symptons is that I used to get dull but wearying headaches that would be accompanied by nausea at extreme times and ruined a holiday once. Turns out it was a reaction to certain types of pollution - including the fumes from kerosene type aviation fuels that you can smell if you walk across the apron at airports!! But the headaches always came first so probably not your problem. Didn't help that I lived opposite a fuel tanker depot - I've been much better since they knocked it down and built a vets!!
hi Alipops26.....take some crystalised ginger with you....might not be a cure but helps with the symptoms....had stomach trouble myself one time and it helped.... I get wound up the weeks before we go away but feel fine....but then I feel sick for a while after I relax knowing everything has gone OK....then again just before we come back....its not bad...I just get queasy....maybe you are getting wound up trying to make sure nothing goes wrong.....and subconciously worrying about things while away....tweetie
My dad's friend is a bit like that, except he is actually sick some of the time. He has been to the doctor so many times and all they can come up with is that it is some kind of anxiety, odd really since he seems the least anxious person ever.

Sorry I haven't been much help.
Does this happen as soon as you arrive? This may sound like a silly question but have you had severe sunburn in the past? I only ask because I once fell asleep in the sun and got sunstroke - for the next few years I felt physically ill ever time I went out in the sun unless I was wearing a hat and drinking lots (and I mean LOTS!) of water.
I'm glad to know I am not the only one who suffers with this nausea
affliction on holiday. I get stomach pains with my nausea as well, but can take painkillers for that.
I do love going on holiday, and still go but its always at the back of my mind. Anyway, I mustn't moan there are far greater problems for others.
It might be worth trying Bach's Rescue Remedy. I think Boots has it.
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