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Most of these hotel "water parks" have disclaimers - not sure how successful the claim will be. Its like the pools which rarely,if ever, have a lifeguard.
£5000, I wonder if she had travel insurance?
I read somewhere else that she had insurance but they wouldn't pay up because she was treated at a private hospital.
Thanks Judith. I always assumed that insurance meant private hospitals. :que
Generally , travel insurance will only cover private if there is no state provision - and they normally insist that you clear any potential treatment via a 24/7 "helpline". The problem with more serious issues ,is that the hotel/park management will normally have an arrangement with a private ambulance service who will whisk you off to a private clinic so you really need your wits about you:-?
That's terrible to be honest. Poor woman and surely the slides can only take a certain weight it could have been a child she hit into
Mari, the parks I've visited in the past always had someone at the top of the slide. You weren't allowed your turn until the slide exit was clear.
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