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Hi , I'm a single parent , but I cant advice you on holidaying as one.......only ever taken mine to Bruges for a couple of days but I've found some reviews for your Hotel and it sounds like you've made a good choice, especially for the children....check out these...

I've been to Ibiza a few times and always found it really child friendly so I'm sure you'll have a great time ,
Let us know how you get on and I might be tempted to take mine with me next time..... :D

have fun,
sam x
:whoops sorry I forgot about the reviews on here............

I took my two abroad to Ibiza for the first time alone when they were about 6 and 4. We stayed at a very small place called S'argamassa (think thats right) near Es Cana (where they have the Hippy Market).

A couple of years later I took them back again and we stayed at San Antonio Bay (lovely place).

Had last minute doubts like you, but the break for myself as a person was great and just what I needed. I would not hesitate to go back again but am saving up for a wedding in Cyprus now
You will be fine - especially if there is a Kids Club!

Have a great time

Smiles :D
Thanks for your suggestions. The reviews were very useful, and reassuring.
However, as only small children can, when talking about our impending holiday, and the problems we may encounter, such as the youngest wanting to go to bed early (quite likely, as he loves his bed!) and the eldest not being old enough to stay at the entertainment without me; she thought for a while and asked, 'and what if we are both swimming and start to drown, which one of us will you save?' :cry:
My reply? I have't still thinking about it. :?
Why on earth didnt I just book a weekend in a tent in the garden :bhead
I think a lot of people have pre-holiday nerves whatever the circumstances. I know I'm getting nervous about my holiday already as I'm travelling alone for the first time and I'm not going until October,

But, I'm sure once you get there you'll wonder what all the worrying was for, plus they'll be many others there travelling with children and you'll meet some great friends, I've always found some lovely people to chat to when I've been away to Bruges on the ferries and even more so when I'm alone with my kids.....They seem to take me under their wing... :D

You'll have a great time,
sam x
Hi Amanada!

I took my 2 children to Salou when they were 12 & 8. Like you, I spent weeks worrying if I was doing the right thing and how I would cope.

The simple answer is, you do :D Once at the resort, you'll begin to relax (as do the children), and I'm sure you will find people in a similar situation, who are more than willing to have a 'natter' and even a drink at night.

Also, make use of your balcony, especially at night when the children are asleep. Take a drink out there and relax :glynis .

Enjoy your holiday. I'm taking my children abroad for the 3rd year running this year - gets easier every time :yipee

Carol :wink:
Hia Amanda
Me and my son stayed in Portinax, Presidente last year, the Entertainers are fab with the kids, I can undertand that you are feeling nervous, but having the kids club I found was a GREAT help, you get a bit of mum time, the entertainment is laid on every night :) The resort itself, I found is very quiet, and due to my sons asthma, we sadly rarely made it down to the beach, it is fine going to the beach, but coming back up, well lets just say is a different story, and due to sons asthma he did find it a struggle coming back up to the hotel from the beach.
If you want to know any more please feel free to pm me.

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