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Hi jtwonk, lap tops are available to buy in Tunisia - but sorry, I haven't checked out the prices. I would imagine however, that they are very expensive - as indeed most new technology is over there. English PC do work in Tunisia and most people in our social circle over there would practically kiss your feet for the gift of a second hand one, irrespective of how old it was! The problem may be that they possibly do not have access to the actual Internet, as many areas are not on the telephone system - hence the numerous 'taxi phone' kiosks over there - and it could be expensive for them to get the connection set up. Having said that, I can guarantee that no-one will refuse your very welcome gift. Many of our younger friends are so envious of the easily obtainable technology in Europe, as many of the universities do not have access to PCs either. For the eager students over there, I do hope that this will change in the near future. All best - Jenny x
Yes the "english" laptop will work in Tunisia. I am sure it would be extremely welcome as a gift. I took a 2ndhand laptop as a gift for a young lady I know who is a student at the University of Soussa. She was delighted and her family were able to obtain a landline. Internet access as such is not too expensive, although I believe tha connection speed can be slow. It is something of a growth area in Tunisia and there are wifi hotspots beginning to appear. Internet content is subject to government restrictions.
When we visit with our laptop it has to be entered into my passport, this ensures that I take it back out with me as well.

I have considered taking one as a gift, and nearly did one year, but I would have to "smuggle" it in if I wanted to leave it with someone.

But I agree with all that is said above, it would be gratefully recieved whether new or second hand.
Hi Kevin - wondered where you had go to! The one time that we took our PC I put it in the middle of our suitcase - having no idea that I was 'smuggling'. Would have certainly been caught if I had, as I'm useless at that type of thing and can guarantee that I'd have gone bright red and looked as guilty as hell! :shock: :oops: It has certainly put the idea of taking it in the future totally out of my mind. All best. Jenny x
Hi, my husband always brings his laptop to Tunisia with him when travelling from England. He also bought us a pc from England which we use in Tunisia. The only thing that would be different to a Tunisian user is that it would have an English keyboard as opposed to a French or Arabic one, where all the letters are in different places and the software, downloaded onto the computer may also be in English, which they may wish to change to French. My husband is never stopped (travels through Tunis Carthage airport) and does not have the computer entered onto his passport. He says that there is no tax or duty to pay on computers, so you should be completely free to bring one in for your own use or as a present - no problems. Then again if you are travelling through Monastir airport they do sometimes tend to act differently and more "erratically" than Tunis Carthage!!
That's good to know, but you're certainly right about Monastir being more 'erratic' than Tunis. :roll: Nice to see you on here by the way Nomarmite. I know how busy you are but I'm sure your input would be invaluable on here at times. I'll be out in Sousse on Wednesday. Regards, Pat xx
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