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Meridian Hotel
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Ray P
Have just looked on Holidayhypermarket and 7 night holiday from the 29th September leaving Newcastle to the Meridian is £244 each.
Thanks for the info.

hi ray p, i got back from the meridien last friday, we stayed last year and they were excellent, but this year they didnt seem to care less if you had any problems, on our arrival we had no room available this was at 6.00am and i have 2 young kids, they sent us the a hotel behind until lunch time which was really awful. i had lots of problems with noisey people next to me and only got moved after complaining for 5 consecutive days about being woken up at 4.00am by groups of lads coming home. dont want to put you off but i will be trying a different hotel next year.
Hi, Thanks for your latest views. We have TOTALLY gone off the idea of Bulgaria/Sunny Beach for our "late hol" the first week in Oct..... It does not seem like the place for us as we've been advised (Via this forum) that S/Beach is likely to "close down" at the end of Sept, as the Bulgarian season is only June to Sept, NO GOOD for us for an Oct week!!!!

The Meridian also sounds way too dodgy for our liking.... poor foood, small pool sun terrace, no water in the showers in the early evening etc etc, OH NO, aint going to risk good money on THAT kind of holiday.

Thanks for your reply, you put the icing on the Bulgarian cake,

Cheers, now off to look elsewhere.....
myself my mom and my daughter (8yrs) are staying at the Meridian for a week from the 8th june... any reviews before this date would not go a miss. especially re any price increases due to them now being in the EU.

ideas on how much spending money to take based on half board and shopping for fakes lol

ohhh and any problems with the lifts and sunbeds round the pool.

thanks in advance :D

Elly xxx
hi Elly
we have reviews of the hotel here :D
We have a thread on money matters HERE

At this time of year it is impossible to predict prices for the forthcoming season.

This year the entry into the EU makes it doubly impossible. We won't know until the first of our members return and report towards the end of May.


Hi all, I was on the phone to Bulgarian friends last night & asked about prices for this coming season.

They told me that in Golden Sands the prices as usual will go up a bit as they do every year.

In Varna the prices are the same.

DOA :lol:
  • Edited by DOA 2007-04-15 20:53:14
thats just what we want to hear :lol:
ill try and post when im out there as I go to the meridian on the 25th june for 2 weeks.
I was at the Meridian last year (half board) and I found it to be a really clean and nice hotel.......but the food at dinner time could be a hit or a miss (we mostly eat outside at the end, it was cheap enough! :D )

It is also near some bars (by near i mean two seconds away!) but the windows i suppose were double glazed as we never had any problems with the noise outside.

Hope you enjoy your stay!
hi could anyone tell me how close to the meridian hotel you will find a crown exchange i do know they are dotted all over but just wanted to know how close one is
thanks in advance
xx julie xx
Hi Julie,

As you will have seen from the Crown Exchange map elsewhere, there are at least 4 or 5 of their offices within the couple of hundred yards from the Meridian to Lazur Disco. :wink:

You should receive a better rate of exchange by going to one of the proper bank branches - see spotbro's post here.

how far away are the banks from where we are staying have you any idea
an yes i found a map for crown after posting this :lol:
thanks baldur
xx julie xx
There's apparently a branch of Bulbank near the centre of the resort, around a kilometre or so away, and a First Investment Bank in or near the Globus.
OMG!!!!!!! I have just read some of the worst reviews ever for this hotel!! We booked today to go on the 25th Sept 2009 and now wishing we hadn't!! I have a 2 year old (nearly 3 by the time we go) but really do NOT want to take him to somewhere which seems to be this bad! Has anyone been? Does anyone have anything good to say about it? :que
This is also our first time in Bulgaria and heard that it was really good, but now regretting booking it.
Is it suitable for myself, hubby, wee boy and my mum?
We have been on a good few holidays and we're not really fussy as long as the place is clean and there is stuff for the my wee fella to do.
I am considering going into the TA on Monday to change!!
Any opinions appreciated (even if they are bad!!) :cry
Is this the same hotel :- http://www.holidaytruths.co.uk/reviews/bulgaria/sunny-beach/meridian-centre-hotel/

Can one of our Bulgaria experts let me know if the above hotel is the same and if so which name is it more commonly used by and I'll change it. Thanks.
Is this the same hotel :- ... n%20Hotel/

Yes, Glynis, it was formerly and variously referred to as the Meridien, Meridian and Maritza/Meridian (
Maritza is also listed in the hotel reviews section
) - I believe that the two hotels were renovated & combined (
in around 2005/2006, from memory
) to form what is now called the Meridian Centre by some tour operators and Meridian Hotel by others, e.g. First Choice.

There are the usual varied reports about the hotel - some guests appear to love it, while others hate it (e.g. the latest 3 reports in our review section), with others in-between. This is reflected in reviews on other websites as well.


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