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Hi havent been to the Touareg but assume its similar to the rooms at the Karamboa there are some room shots at the end of my video shot there:

Its not a prblem if you are a couple its a wardrobe and wash area off the bedroom then the WC has a door and the shower a curtain could be a prblem if you are sharing with older children or non partners. You can pause the video at the relevant shots, have a great time.
We were thinking of the Touareg for next winter. The bathroom isn't a problem for us, as I work on the principle that if you know people well enough to share a room then you, or they, haven't got anything that's not been seen before :D The toilet has a door so that's enough for me. It was the lack of adult only eating facilities that was the deal breaker :cry
The double room we stayed in at the Touareg had an open bathroom area with a wardrobe with beaded curtain, opposite which was the vanity unit with sinks, mirror and hair dryer. The toilet was off this area behind a door, the shower was also off this area with a shower curtain. Until I saw your post, I never really gave the layout much thought, but I understand the lack of privacy if sharing with children.
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