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Re: Radley Bags
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I can't remember the names of where I got them but I have cards in my bag at home, I will let you know when I get home, I had 2 made and they were £30 altogether (1 small 1 medium), the Jimmy choo one was £11 but that was ready made in another shop (genuine fakes I think)

Donna B that would be great thankyou.Gel
MO the most vulgar of the lot are blokes ( premier footballer types) that wear huge diamond studs in their ears. Naff or what !

And...... the heaviest possible silver link chain (and I mean heavy) matched with a sweaty football top.
Hi we came home with 10 between 2 of us......all the places we went to were showing the radley style without the dog tag, which was kept in a drawer behind the counter.Some have acquired cats to replace the dog tag on the same style bag.One of the cheapest places was just up from Molly Malones going towards the cross roads on the left hand side, he made us passport covers and credit card holders to match .....Loads of places has 30 per cent off , obviously coming to the end of the season......Liz
Does anyone know where genuine Radley bags are made?
Originally Radley bags where made in India, the designer was called Ms Lowell Harder whom had them manufactured in India, but she was from London and first started selling them on Camden Market London in 1998, must be a record for a "must have" in such a short time. :cheers
Theres an Hidesign shop in panjim. i'm going to have a look when we are there in December. Gel
They so stand out , tell a fake a mile away , jimmy choo , gucci all of them , the quality is not there, stitching the radley sign on the bag and inside , if you cant afford new try buying pre owned ,I actually think they are reasonable priced , get some great bags out of sale " genuine" they also last along time and dont fall bits like your fakes , which can be picked up for £15/£25 any where these days, personally if I could not afford original radleys , I would rather just pay for any bag in my budget ; Rather than show myself up walking round with fake cheap bags,which any woman can pick out fake the moment they it !!
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