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sirenis seaview
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The studios are big enough for 2 adults and 1 child, but not massive.

There are 2 single beds pushed together and 2 bed settees.

You can't book The Seaview independantly, only the Aura next door.

Seaview is available through Airtours, Panarama and Direct Hols.
Could anyone tell me if there is a launderette in this hotel. thankyou.
I don't think there is.

There are price leaflets for dry cleaning etc in the rooms but no launderette.

However, a 10 minute walk towards San Antonio Bay brings you to a launderette. It is on a corner next to a scooter hire shop. I think it is next to a hairdressers and near to the Gold Crown Pub.
Thanks for your reply. There is no mention of a launderette in the brochures, but thought I would check as it is unusual for a big hotel not to have one.
if you are talking about the sirenis sea view country club hotel in Port de Torrent then yes there is a laundrette there. It is located downstairs in the main building next to the Gym.You have to use tokens to operate the machines wich are 1 euro each and you will need at least 5 if you intend washing and drying. Just a word of warning last year only one washing machine was working otherwise no problem.
Thankyou, Wooley. Yes that is the hotel I meant.
Hi. Has anyone stayed here. and does anyone know if you can upgrade from s/c to h/b or a/i when you get there and how much it is. Any help would be appreciated :)
Hi debs,

Yes you can upgrade when you get there, its a lot cheaper than doing it through the TO too. The seaview dont do an AI package but a mail i got at the end of last season regarding HB prices is as follows:

Breakfast: 10,00 Euros
Dinner: 16,00 Euros

Half Board:
1 to 3 days : 20,00 Euros per day / per person
4 to 7 days : 18,00 Euros per day / per person
8 to 10 days : 16,00 Euros per day / per person
11 to 14 days : 15,00 Euros per day / per person

Children 3 to 12 years old have 50% discount
Children under 3 free of charge.
When you purchase 4 days or more, all services must be for consecutive days.

Hope this helps!!!
We have stayed at seaview 6 times in the last ten years both on self catering and half board basis and the food along with everything else has always been consistently good. It is usually cheaper to book self catering and pay for half board when you are there.

There is also and excellent snack bar/restaurant at the poolside where you can eat if you prefer not to go for the buffet option.

This is an excellent hotel, you will not be disappointed. We are trying to book to go back in August for a 7th timer so it must be good.
Thanks for those prices. It definately looks cheaper to upgrade once you,re there. Looking to book for late august.
Going to the Sirenis in late august with the Mrs and my kids... One of whom will be 23 months... We've asked for a "low floor" with a "pool view" but I'm a wee bit concerned that the terrace wont have a wall/ gate or anything like that which would just leave it open for the young one to toddle straight over to the pool for an "ahem, swim" shall we say :really

Would I be better asking for a room on a higher floor here perhaps :shrug

Any suggestions/ help appreciated..... :)
Vigman, this is part of my review from September 2006:

"Upon arrival we were allocated a ground floor room in Almond house with an open balcony leading out to the main pool, great I thought, not so for the missus who demanded a different room as our 3yo could easily wander off into the pool if we left the patio doors open. So off we marched back to reception and told them our problem, half an hour later we were sat on the balcony of our 2nd floor room in Geranium house with a cracking view of both the pool and the sea :-)"

I think you'd be much better with a room on the 1st or 2nd floors :tup
Hi Vigman,

I would suggest you ask for a first or second floor room. The balconies are very safe as the wall is high enough for you little un not to be able to climb over and they are staggered tiers so in the worst case senario they could only fall one level. I would say that this is a safer option than the ground floor terrace as there is no gate etc and they are completely open so you little un could be off for a dip in the blink of an eye.

We have been going to seaview since my youngest was 21 months, she's now 13 years, and we have never had any 'incidents' on the balconies but we have never stayed on the ground floor as like you I was concerned she could wander into the pool.

If you want to know anything else let me know.
have just booked for august half board studio , requested second floor , also asked for seaview , dont know now if i should have asked for a pool view where all the action goes on, can anyone suggest a nice block i could request, thanks.
the best blocks in my opinion are Petunia block and Geranium block. Both of these look over the pool then out to sea. If you ask for a pool view you get both, if you ask for seaview you could be on either side of the block as the other side faces the beach (effectively the sea) and road.

Obviously as these blocks are in the thick of things they are a little noisier but there are other blocks if you want quieter room, I can't remember all of the names but Almond and Hibiscus are two of them.
thanks for the reply i'll phone them and ask for high floor petunia or geranium.
are there any boat trips going from the beach? where do they go also does the ferry to san antonio stop there.
Not sure about boat trips from the beach at the hotel but the water taxi to san an definately stops there.
there arn't any boat trips from the beach but there is the 'water taxi' which is only a couple of euro's, this takes you to San Antonio where there are plenty of boat trips including glass bottom boat rip.
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