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Hi Alg

hope somebody answers your questions as I could do with knowing too.

I know that France has a dual taxation treaty with the UK so you get UK dividends gross and pay tax on them in France.

We have to fill in a tax return every year, and it is calculated by who is in the household, not one for each individual and his or her income.

YES I know we are talking about Spain. There is no similar dual taxation treaty scheme between Spain and the UK but you may find that there are 'loopholes' that work in your favour and those that do not, as both countries are in the EC.

I would strongly suggest that you contact a reliable accountant over there and have an information session with him or her, having given this person in advance a list of your questions as per in this thread.

It is worth seeking professional advice as soon as possible. Our English and French accountants worked to help us sort out our problems, and our French accountant even came with us to the local IR office and with the local tax officer present, they both helped us fill in our forms, argued directly over a few technicalities and we ended up saving money!!

Open and honest is the way to go. All us 'ex-pats' are other countries' guests and should treat our hosts with respect and good manners (even in tax dealings!!).
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