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Sunrise Royal Makadi Resort

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Makadi Bay, Makadi Bay 623, Egypt

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Cracking holiday in a cracking hotel
6 years 8 months ago
All the staff in this hotel can't do enough and are a credit to the hotel

We stayed in block 10 just over looking the park and was on 3rd floor could just see the Red Sea and also the aqua park the room we was in a family room with good size double bed and good set of bunk beds in same room very nice room to be fair

The swimming pools are great never been to a hotel with so many dotted around and you could always get a sunbed any time of the day around any of the pools

We only ate in main restaurant one night and that was like a feeding frenzy so we booked A La carte after that and the A La carte are really good and are a must try if your staying here our favourite was the Asian we also ate at the splash bar in day and the pizza from there is really good if you like that type of food

The beach is nice and like the pools you could always get a sunbed

All in all we had a fantastic time and will go back one day soon

Travel operator: Thomas cook

Hotel tip: The hotel has loads of different types of room and if they can they will try and put you in a block you like just need to email them 2 weeks before you land there...

Richard Augustus
Very well run resort, perfect for families
11 years 2 months ago
Upon arrival at this resort two things strike you. The sheer size (it's BiG, like a decent sized village) and also it seems very well run and efficiently set up.

Thomas Cook are selling this resort as perfect for families and it's hard to disagree with this viewpoint. There's a kids club that runs to the ethos of one in the UK and there's a large hard working and enthusiastic Animation team to look after the adults.

With five swimming pools, slides, tennis courts, beach games and events there is no chance of boredom setting in.

The main buffet restaurant offers a very good range of food options, but the ace in the pack here is the choice of 7 a la carte restaurants on resort (you can book these as often as you like) they really are pretty good, with Asian, Mexican and Bedouin particularly enjoyable.

The staff are very friendly and extremely hard working, always beavering away cleaning.

The only real negatives are that the resort is looking a bit tatty, it's far from new. I think this is largely negated by being extremely efficiently run (especially if you're a family). You'll have a bit of trouble at busy times getting a spot on the beach. But with 5 pools to choose from, there are great alternatives. Also the odd obnoxious guest, but I guess they will follow wherever you go.

This resort has a staggering range of nationalities visiting; with I would guess 70% Russian/Ukraine, then Brits, French, Dutch, Belgian, German, Belgian and yes even Egyptian.
We had a great time.
11 years 10 months ago
This was a much needed trip after a stressful few months of moving house and hospital trips, we planned relaxation and that is exactly what we got. 9am Flight from Gatwick was un-eventful - boring due to no in flight entertainment but thankfully had I-pod and magazines to keep me out of mischief!

Arrival at Hurgurda was lovely the warmth coming into the plane was a welcome change to the horrible weather of the UK, we joined the queues to pay our Visa entry this can be paid in £ $ Euro or Egyptian £, we chose sterling and were charged £13 each. Had no hassle with people offering to take our luggage for us and quickly found our coach, one aspect I didn't like was the guy loading our luggage onto the coach holding his hands out for a tip when he was given £1 by my husband he replied £2 as we had 2 cases ......we did not have the option to put our own cases on the bus so this bloke is onto a winner £1 per case x 52ish passengers per coach, how many coaches does he load a day - I might change my job it’s obviously a good crack!

Journey to hotel was short with Mohammed our rep giving us a bit of info on route - we were in Ramadan when we arrived the staff fasting from dawn till dusk how the hell they manage without even a sip of water in that heat is beyond me! We filled in arrival forms and handed over passports on the coach to save time once we arrived at the hotel. Check in didn't take long and we were given our all inclusive tags and shown to our room top floor of block 10 near the family pool 1, bags arrived shortly after - we tipped both as we wanted to for a good service.

1st night we ate in the buffet restaurant which was slightly manic and I was not impressed by some of the guests getting huge plates of cakes and fruits before choosing their main meals - lots of wastage went on which I don't like - eat your main then decide if you have room for pud, food is plentiful it’s not like they were going to run out! Drinks were either waiter service or you could go and get your own (always look down as the ankle biters tend to run around zipping in front of you) Tables were at a premium in there too although we managed to find a table on the 3 occasions we ate in there. On the 3rd and final time we ate there we were late into the restaurant @ 9pm and it was now Eid meaning a lot of locals had arrived and the place did look like it had been stripped of many dishes so there was little choice left but we managed to find something to eat.

During our stay we used 3 of the 7 A la cartes, T bones Steak house x 4 visits Mexican restaurant x 3 & the Italian x3.

T-bones was in our opinion the nicest and the staff were wonderful in their remembering how many visits we had and what we wanted to drink etc, Isalim and Aboel ( sorry if I have spelt your names wrong) were wonderful very attentive & our drinks were replenished as we were taking the last sip of the old one! Basket of bread on the table was a lovely accompiment to the "exciting" soup which arrived hot and tasty, I had number 6 fillet steak well done which was wonderful not a bit of gristle or fat found in any of the 4 I ate and my husband only once changed from the fillet to a beef "snitchnel" which he said was equally tasty, the 1st visit I had a strawberry and white chocolate mousse which was nice but a little cold in the middle, but then we sampled the rice pudding .....HEAVEN it was like momma used to make and we both enjoyed every mouthful.

The Mexican was lovely we ate breakfast here every day as well as it was calmer than the main buffet & the food selections were just the same, The Mexican menu was very nice, bowl of tortilla chips on the table with a salsa and sour cream dip, the chilli con carne starter was wonderful & I could have had a big bowl of that as a main but it wasn't on the menu (I am sure they wouldn't have said no had I asked!) I had the grilled chicken sandwich for my main well cooked served with chips always went down well, my husband had the fajitas beef once & chicken twice - served with peppers a huge jalapeño ( which he ate) and soft flour tortillas - he said both were nice but preferred the chicken. Dessert was ice cream which was very very nice & creamy. Staff in the Mexican were lovely and attentive there was one lady working in there all the time but in the middle of our 2nd week she vanished hopefully she was just having a break and not left as it was rare to see a female working anywhere in the hotel.

The Italian restaurant was good a little warm as it was inside and the air con didn't seem the best but the pizzas were lovely and there was quite an extensive menu, staff again very polite and attentive.

The hotel run a "box" tipping system in the restaurants and bars which we liked as we were served by many people while in them so by putting your tip in the boxes hopefully there are shared out between all the staff.

We spent our 1st two days around the family pool number 1 as it was close to our rooms, they have a pool bar here but it was more of a get out of pool & get drinks rather than a swim up bar although occasionally someone would come and serve you if you sat on one of the pool chairs. Safwat the towel guy was great looking after us and having a little chat, seems a few foreign guests were complaining about him being a bit miserable but he is only doing his job and in that heat while fasting would you be happy and smiling all the time!! Also I noticed a lot of the foreign guests never say please or thank you - that would P me off manners cost nothing no matter what nationality you are! From the third day we went to the main pool where we met Mourssy the towel guy – what a gent a lovely young man who was chatty smiling and happy every day we saw him, he even took to bring our towels to us and setting up our sun beds when we arrived each day, he worked with Abdel Azim who cleaned the pool he was always laughing joking with the guests although he was always busy cleaning etc. We struck up quite a friendship with Mourssy and were sad to say goodbye – but thanks for looking after us. Finding sun beds was never an issue even when he had a late morning arriving at the pool at 11am – didn’t like that fact that 8 sun beds next to us were reserved daily and the families didn’t use them till after 3pm each day – that’s just mean! The main pool has a swim up bar which was nice and the bar man Mohammed was really good at re-filling your drinks – as an English couple though we were often in a minority when visiting this bar as some of the foreign guests seems to prop it up all day!

Around the main pool there was lots going on the Animation team worked hard to get people involved but if you didn’t want to join it wasn’t an issue, Becky, Natalie, Andrew, Middo and the gang worked hard day & night to keep us entertained/amused and do a good job, 6* and a wage rise for the Animators please Mr hotel boss! Becky says she isn’t a dancer but we were very impressed with her efforts – keep up the good work chick and stop injuring your feet – the doctor seems to like them!!!. Natalie from Austria was lovely so sweet, she has only done the job for a short time and will be moving on shortly to eventually attend university- I hope she remembers her days as animation fondly and know if she can survive the demands of that she will achieve anything she sets her heart on. Andrew always made me smile with his Waterrrrrrrrrrrrrr vollllllllleeeeeyballllllllllll (for those of us of a certain age think captain caveman) call morning and afternoon – he always complained the pool was cold!

Sales people also came to see you occasionally around the pool selling trips diving spa treatments but a simple no thank you saw them move on – the hotel does offer a red flag system meaning “do not disturb” but we found that a little rude as we did have a bit of banter with these guys teasing my husband the white man – we never felt pressure to book anything with them.

Talking of trips many were available through Thomas cook but due to restrictions through injury we did not book any – it was 39+ every day so actually I wasn’t bothered about trips as it would have meant leaving the safety net of the pool where I could cool down at will. Did hear some good comments from other guests who did venture out though, although they all said the shops and vendors were a little annoying at how persistent they were trying to get you to buy things.

Evening entertainment was again mainly done by the Animation team from Miss Sunrise shows to dance and comedy nights the shows passed a bit of time from 9.30 onwards. One a Wednesday night they hold a pool party with everyone jumping in the pool around 11pm – didn’t join in this as we were wiped out from the heat. Sunday night sees the beach party the 1st Sunday we stayed for a little while but the 2nd we stayed almost till the end ....yes I suffered the next morning from too much drink but hey we were on holiday! We preferred the lobby bar on an evening as it was air conditioned so nice and cool and the team in there were attentive and knew what drinks we wanted ...although mine often changed! The cocktails depended on who mixed them strength wise but were quite nice – they didn’t have anything like Malibu or baileys though which would have been a nice as they are my fave tipples – made do with cocktails and vodka so wasn’t left out lol.

The resort itself is massive spotless despite us rarely seeing a cleaner, we never met our room cleaner but know he was around as we had fresh bathroom towels each day – only towel art on our final night though! Rooms are big with plenty of storage, beds were comfortable air con was a welcome break from the heat and that bathroom was clean and provided everything we needed – the hot water was a bit temperamental but we didn’t care it was nice to have a cool shower after a day in the sunshine. Not keen on the watering of the gardens though – you try not to get a whiff but never seem to manage it – Environmental water was used, it was stinky! Hotel directory says they spray this at sunrise/sunset but we seemed to see them spraying always --- we didn’t walk on the grass!

There are quite a number of shops near reception selling various items – we ventured down one evening only to leave around 30 seconds later as couldn’t stand the it, shop keepers yelling come into my shop, let me tell you about my perfume etc – I prefer to browse then ask prices etc I never even made it near a shop doorway as I felt too intimidated by them, speaking to others I know they felt the same way – it’s probably not their culture but if they backed off a little they might find they had more sales!

Return trip to airport makes you realise you really are in the middle of nowhere, it appears that Hurgurda is having a huge building programme with many construction sites en-route to the airport –but these many have been like this for years! Hurgurda Airport itself is a military airport although I saw little evidence of this while we were there, you have to scan your suitcase and hand luggage on entry to the airport, then check your cases in – then go through another hand luggage check point. Lots of things on sale in the airport but never sure what is fake and what’s not so we didn’t buy anything.

I would go to Egypt again and would go back to the Sunrise Royal although probably won’t do for sometime as there are many other destinations we want to visit.
Nice hotel, shame about the Russians
11 years 11 months ago
Just back from the Sunrise, Makadi Bay.

Nice hotel, many pools, no problem with sun beds. Pools were dirty though, with no apparent cleaning regime evident. By dirty, I mean the pool bottom and sides, people’s names were clearly visible where they had "signed in" on the grime.

If I wasn't on ultra all inclusive, I would've been disappointed because the main restaurant was free for all, dominated by very rude Russians, and the a la carte options were not worthy of the 20 euro per head per meal charge, but as I said, ultra all inclusive covers this.

They had the best meal reservation system I've seen, very efficient touch screens.

Our holiday overlapped the start of Ramadan, and this saw a change in the staffs performance from fantastic to ok-they coped brilliantly whilst fasting, just things were not as good during the day. You could see they were really trying hard, but as the day got longer, they got tired.

My only real gripe is with the rudeness of the eastern Europeans, whilst us Brits would say politely, 2 cokes please, they just push in and yell coke and walk off without any recognition of the staff.
Sheppard Family
13 years 1 month ago
We stayed in this hotel from the 10th to 17th of May, as a family we enjoyed our stay at this hotel most of the staff were very friendly and some of the staff were very ignorant and rude. The staff in the Pergola Bar were great especially Ebrahem who was very kind and nice to us, he remembered our orders and took time to talk and get to know us.

We found the animation team a really good bunch of guys; they were always friendly and stopped for a chat and a laugh. The evening shows were really good.

The only downside was the food we didn’t really find it that good, the staff in the main buffet restaurant were always nice, Omran was always funny, we mostly stayed at the family pool which had the waterslides which was fun the slides came on at 10 till 12 then 3 till 5 but the pools were cold even with the sun beating down.

We really enjoyed it and would definitely return, the staff really make this hotel enjoyable.

First class hotel and staff
13 years 9 months ago
We recently returned to the Sunrise Royal Makadi Resort to spend 10 nights at this hotel between the 7th-17th September.

We must first of all say that after a number of negative reviews in the weeks leading up to our holiday, the edge had certainly been taken off our anticipation. We were both wondering what to expect this time round after we had such a memorable holiday in the same hotel in October last year.

We needn't have worried! I managed to get through the entire holiday without even a tummy rumble and my fiance had a slight tummy upset which was cleared up in a matter of hours after a visit to the pharmacy at the Tia Heights Hotel. Reading some of the recent horror stories we had expected most of the guests to be confined to their bedrooms and coupled up to drips.

Our Room
We had the same room in Block 14 as we had last year; it was nice and centrally located. It had twin beds; a large bathroom with shower over the bath, a nice LCD TV on a swivel stand, only the BBC World News channel that was English speaking but it was nice to have it on while we were getting ready to go out! The room was very well cleaned by Ahmed who also made us some lovely animal figures out of the towels. The fridge in the room was a godsend for keeping bottled water and milk for making a coffee in the morning in. The room cleaner would top up the fridge with 2 bottles of water every day but we also brought in extra supplies from the bars and also a fridge situated by the Pergola Bar. The air conditioning in the room worked brilliantly and it was like an oasis in the desert for us. The free room safe is a great feature as we have previously had to pay extra for a safe at other all inclusive hotels. We did have a couple of issues with the bathroom plumbing but nothing too serious and they were sorted out by the engineering department after a phone call to reception.

Swimming Pools
Like last year we started off by hanging out round the family pool. The area round the pool is lovely for sunbathing with plenty of room and lots of sun beds and parasols. This pool is surrounded by Block 10 and seems to be where lots of British families are located. The one disappointing factor was the poor service we received from the barman at the swim up pool bar. On more than 1 occasion we were made to wait at least 15 minutes to get served while the young man ignored a growing amount of people waiting for a drink and continued with his cleaning duties. Eventually some guests grew sick of waiting and walked in to the bar and he then served these people before noticing that people were sat all around the swim up part of his bar waiting for him. Despite this we gave him a tip at the end of the afternoon hoping that this would improve matters the next day. After the brilliant service we received at this bar last year we decided to go try and find better service at the family pool bar 2. This is the newest block and pool on the right hand side as you drive down towards reception from the entrance.

The two pools we used were lovely, may be at times not as immaculate as we found it last year but nothing to complain about. I've seen comments about them being cold but that's just due to the difference between the water and air temperature.

Main Buffet Restaurant
We only used this facility about 5 times, all on lunchtimes when we had fancied a change from the pizza, burger, chicken, and chips we had from the family pool pizza ovens. It was a pleasure to shelter from the sun under the canopy in this breeze for a few minutes while waiting for our food to be cooked. Some other reviewers have complained about long queues forming around lunchtime, we must have just dropped on luck because we never had to wait long to get served. The main restaurant was hectic at busy times, many people rushing round, a bit like dodgems. There was loads of choice of all types of foods such as salads, meats, cheeses, pasta, chips, roasts, rice dishes, in fact most types of foods you could imagine. We always managed to find something appetising for our lunch. No desert spoons are set with the cutlery, they are sometimes available near the desert counter, other times we had to request them from a waiter; not a problem. Obviously at busy peak times it is more difficult to find a set table but a bit of patience will eventually track one down. It is best to find a table, reserve it with your drinks and then go and get your food. Alternatively try to be in as the restaurant opens or dine later when the main rush is over. We were always approached by a waiter within moments of sitting down for our drink order. The large amount of staff in the restaurant work very hard under great pressure to try and keep people happy. We never dined in there on an evening but when we walked through on our way to the A La Cartes, it seemed very similar to lunchtime, again with a huge choice of dishes.

Around The World Buffet Restaurant
This was the place where we went for breakfast every morning. We were usually one of the first in there just after 7 am. It was lovely to eat in there on a morning, very quiet and relaxed with the rising sun and the Red Sea as a back drop.

A La Carte Restaurants
We didn't use the Italian one. We had eaten plenty of pizza on a lunch time and just didn't fancy it. Next time we will give it a try as apparently they do a nice steak. We went in the Asian Restaurant on 2 occasions and received good service. The food is beautifully presented and very tasty. The restaurant is tastefully theme decorated and has a nice atmosphere.

Dalila Mediterranean Restaurant
Eating in this restaurant was the real highlight of our dining experience. The service we received in there was nothing short of first class. The restaurant has romantic subdued lighting and has a very intimate atmosphere. We found all the meals we had were superb and beautifully presented and served.

In Conclusion
We had discussions with a few members of the senior management team including the new General Manager. They are willing to discuss any aspect to improve your holiday experience and welcome feedback from guests. If you have any issues while staying at the hotel, it is important that you report it immediately to the reception. They will do their best to resolve any problems for you but can't help if you don't report it. If you don't it is not fair to wait until you get home and moan and groan on your review if you don't give them chance to put things right.
We had a great, chilling out holiday here and we found that the staff really did look after us well. We would like to return again next year for our third visit.
14 years 8 months ago
Cleanliness - the hotel was extremely well kept and clean. Our room was cleaned very well by our cleaner each day.
Food - the food was nice with choices of restaurants (if you book in advance) although it was repetitive, so if staying for two weeks then you will get bored of the offerings.
Location - We didn't leave the hotel other than to go on a boat trip. There was a shuttle bus available for around

Travel operator: thomas cook

Jamie A
15 years 3 months ago
ROOMS: Rooms are great! they are are rather large size, and its cleaned everyday!. There are lots of cupboards, wardrobes, drawers etc etc, and its great for somebody who has alot of clothes!. The bathrooms are a decent size, and it comes with a hairdryer etc etc. Many people from the UK seem to be situated in block 10, which is overlooking the family pool.

POOLS: In the winter, 2 are heated, the kids pool, and the sports pool, both of these are like getting into a warm bath, its colder when you get out!. The family pool was very cold while we were there, but that didnt stop children from going on the slides, these were great!, I imagine it would be a godsend in summer! The main pool wasnt heated either, but this was HUGE too! i only think i saw 1 person swimming in it the whole holiday!. Overall these are great! You could find a sunbed at anytime whilst we were there, the family pool was deserted whilst we were there, plenty of sunbeds! The animation team do work hard to keep everyone happy too, aquarobics every day from 11:30 in the kids pool, JOIN IN! its great fun.

SERVICE: The staff in this hotel are the friendliest people ever! The Thomas Cook rep Mohammed, cannot do enough for you, he is a great guy! The staff in each of the restaraunts are fantastic too! They provide you with drinks, etc etc and take your plates when you are finished, you can have a laugh and a joke with all of them!.

FOOD: Food is fantastic!. Breakfast serves everything you would want, sausage, egg, pancakes, omlettes, beans, cereal, tea, coffee, fruit & yoghurt, quassons, toast, bread, EVERYTHING. Lunch we ate around the pools, They serve chips, burgers, chicken, salads, pizzas etc etc, i must of had the most pizzas i have ever had in a week! The food here is great too!. You can go up and get your soft drinks, tea, coffee, water etc etc from around the pool bar, you can even get alcoholic beverages there, Alcoholic beverages are served from 10am-6am. At Dinner, we ate in the buffet restaraunt 3 times, these are fab too! soups, meat, desserts, bread, pasta, you name it, they will have it. (although they do have differently themed nights)!. The a-la carte restaraunts are amazing, the mediterranean restaraunt is great!, they have a wide variety of food, the chicken mosahab is a must! The drinks all of the restaraunts are fantastic too, everything is free dont forget! The italian were smaller portions, but VERY filling, the lasagne was one of the best lasagnes i have ever had in my life! The chefs do work hard in these restaraunts, the food is fantastic!. The asian wasnt to our liking, but everyones different!

BEACH : The beach was rather busy at times during our stay, we didnt use it much, although the Tia heights next door, their beach was deserted! The beach does go on a while though, so towards the end, you will find plenty of sunbeds, TAKE A SNORKEL AND LOOK AT THE FISH, They are simply amazing! I bet i sound like a right moaning picky person, but trust me, im not, Im just speaking my mind, DONT BE PUT OFF!.

GARDENS: The hotel has an environment protection agency, which is great!. I think staff work 24 hours a day gardening, planting flowers, watering the grass, weeding, planting new flowers etc.. The gardens all in all are VERY well kept, i hope they keep it up!

AIRPORT: The airport was very hectic whilst we were there, apart from the gate & check in area, its like a market! It was very hot whilst we were waiting for our flight too!, I think everyone must of crammed into the gates area. The only bad thing ending our holiday!
Overall this has been a fantastic holiday, and i cant wait to book it again, I just hope Egypt holidays are not rising, due to the weakness to the $ and Euro.
To anyone thinking of staying here. DO! You will not be dissapointed, Great value for money.

Travel operator: Direct Holidays

15 years 6 months ago
First trip too Egypt.
What can we say. Had a lovely time.
Hotel-staff-resort-facilities-beach were excellent.
food was good lots too eat and too choose from.

beach was lovely and recommend the snorkellin either off the beach or boat trip.

will return too the hotel soon...

Travel operator: thomas cook

Stewart Roe
15 years 9 months ago
We were originally going to the makadi palace so I suppose we were on a downer before we got there. I had asked for rooms together and ground floor but got neither. The kids room was miles away so stood my ground and finally reached a compromise.

Its very hard not to keep comparing it to the palace. If there is a good side then the all inclusive package drinks continues until 6am from 10am in the morning. Great for alcoholics which appeared to be the case with some! You could always get a sunbed too.The pools were lovely too and the staff were a pleasure. Couldn't do enough for you.

Food was good in the main restaurant. Poolside snacks of chips, burgers etc were invariably undercooked and the speciality restaurants were nigh on impossible to get into as they were always fully booked, by the same people I might add. I eventually made a big complaint to which they broke their rule of booking the Day before and booked us into the Asian resturant 3 days in advance on the last day of our 2 week stay. I wish i hadn't of bothered as 3 of our party were ill the day of leaving.

The place is spotless but very slippy. Saw lots of people fall. My 14 year old son fell and smashed his front teeth losing a third of one tooth and chippng the other. His dentist will be busy. The hotel were very quick to deny liability!!!

The entertainment is awful. The restaurants, bars etc are all centralised so you can hear the music from all sections if you sit in the wrong place. They have a disco which plays one form of music and sounds exactly the same.

The beach is man made and their sea allocation is the size of a paddling pool with no coral and a net all the way around it so to cotain you in from getting hit by all the boat activity around you and keeping the fish out so you don't see any when you attempt to snorkel.

They even charge you for the shuttle bus if you feel like escaping to Hurghada.

To be fair to them they continually send staff around to gauge customers and get feedback. Some things are very good and somethings aren't. With the policies they are adopting I'm sure they will improve on these points.

If I was a first timer to Egypt I would probably of given this place a more glowing report. Having been to far better hotels I can't.

It wasn't a bad holiday at all it is just that I have had a lot better.

Travel operator: Panorama

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