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Diana Palace Hotel & Apartments

9 of 13 hotels in Argassi

4 out of 5 from 21 reviews
4 stars
Argassi, Argassi 29100, Greece
This property offers either self catering or bed and breakfast - perfect for families with children.

21 Reviews

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10 years ago
We arrived as a couple together with two friends at The Diana Palace mid morning,tired from our journey,but otherwise happy.

The Reception...

All four of us were warmly greeted at reception by two very friendly smiling young ladies who emmediately made us feel very welcome,we checked in easily,our red wrist bands were put on,which signified that we were 'All Inclusive' while enjoying a complimentary drink which was very refreshing.

The reception area while bright and tastefully furnished and very clean lacks a bit of character and charm,but a few plants here and there wouldn't go amiss and maybe a touch of Greek decor to give it more of a Greek atmosphere.

The Rooms...

We were then taken to our rooms,which are typically and simply furnished in the familiar 'Greek style' it was very nice to have a full bath tub as well as overhead shower.

Our room was also equipped for a self catering holiday which included a small kitchenette,which of course we never used,and a table and chairs situated on the balcony.

A very outdated TV was bracketed to the wall and the selection of channels very limited,but we weren't there to stay in and watch TV anyway so this didn't really matter that much.

The mattresses on the beds were all extremely hard and not that comfortable,which caused a few aches and pains,but a more than adequate number of comfy pillows was also supplied thankfully.

The Grounds and Pool...

Largely paved areas,patchy lawn and shrubs.

The pool is relatively small,which is basically because it was originally designed to cater for a hotel that at one time was not as large as it is at present due to building expansion,which sadly means that the sun beds (which really need replacing in some cases) are now far too cramped,leaving little room to move around,we felt too tightly packed in and rather on-top of each other.

Pool Activities and Animation Team...

Whilst we fully accept that the hotel owners are trying very hard to cater to all tastes,had we known before hand that the activities existed as such,we most likely would not have booked this particular hotel.

We just wanted a quiet and relaxing get away...this was impossible due to the constant,intrusive and often too loud music in the pool area and the animation team...activities as such are pretty poor anyway and also centre around the pool for the most part and is great for those who wish to participate in Mega Jenga,Skittles or Quizzes,Water Arobics,Water Polo or Stretching Exercises, but for anyone wanting to simply chill out these constant interruptions are very annoying indeed.

We could have gone to the other pool,that is unfortunately situated near the main road and largely given over to family use,so if you're not tolerant of kids I wouldn't recommend it and the pool is a little too shallow for adults to realistically use for the purpose of swimming.

Smoking around the pool is a real issue.

There is a designated smoking area at one end of the pool,but this is unfortunately at the same end as the pool bar,which by the way gets pretty busy during the day with people getting would be much more pleasant for the majority of non smokers sitting around the pool if smokers were not aloud to smoke anywhere other than the designated smoking areas...its also worth mentioning too that one of the side entrances from the pool bar end to the main building is accessed by having to walk through the smoking area,which is very unpleasant...unless one wishes to walk the longer way around the pool to the other entrance.

The Restaurant and Food...

Meal times are often chaotic at best,feeling uncomfortable and not well organised.

At breakfast the fried eggs are nearly always crispy on the underside and runny on the top,there is no bacon,but instead something like a thinly sliced bacon roll is offered,it's not unpleasant...but it's not bacon.

Getting to the tea and coffee area in the mornings takes time and patience and is largely inadequately facilitated...take tea with you if possible or buy some from the nearest supermarket as the tea bags the hotel uses are dreadful.

Coffee is okay but tinned milk is used in both tea and coffee which is a bit of an acquired taste !

Cake and biscuits are also very boring,bland and dry.

We love greek food,and whilst the food served in the hotel is plentiful,it was often anything but Greek and it looses a little in translation and is often at times a little bland and uninspiring.

Of particular note are the often very strange and odd looking artistic attempts at food art...which if nothing else gave us a laugh !

Deserts are a real disappointment too,very uninspiring and not always very appealing to look at.

Where are the Baklava etc ?

The Bars...

The pool bar is definitely looking scruffy,tired and needs updating.

The main bar situated in the reception area is bland and uninteresting...there are also no bar snacks (nuts or crisps etc ) available at anytime either.

However this area is invaluable if you wish to relax in quieter surroundings,but perhaps some softer and more relaxing music would be a pleasant and preferable option.

Mixers for drinks like Coke,Tonic Water,Lemonade etc...are often from large bottles and often with little fizz & are flat...doesn't make for a decent G&T :(

The Staff...

Most of the staff at the hotel are extremely friendly,respectful,helpful and happy.

Of note are Stathis,who's cheerful personality and ability to remember everyone's name and what they drink is astonishing.

And Illias,a real charmer and thoroughly nice chap plus he's a great barman too.

But we noted on quite a few occasions that a couple of the female restaurant workers were straight faced and unfriendly to say the least...on several days they looked positively miserable.

Generally the hotel is well maintained and clean,but we did note during our holiday that the pool area looked a little unclean around the loungers,maybe jet washing would help.

Also the pool toilets are in need of updating too.


This was our first visit to The Diana Palace and our very first time going All Inclusive and although this seems very popular with a lot of people,it is not for us...maybe it's a simple case of our expectations being rather high.

But I can honestly say I think it will be our last...we didn't really enjoy the experience on the whole and think that we much prefer to venture into local tavernas and bars to sample more authentic cuisine and hospitality.

Sorry if all this sounds a little harsh or even snobbish,I can assure you we're not snobs at all,just being honest.

And please don't get upset...Indeed we may be in a minority group,but not alone...Ive always been driven toward individualism,honesty and integrity and believe very much in free speech and the entitlement to an opinion,as long as it doesn't purposefully offend the sensibility of others.

Argassi is not the prettiest of places,allot of businesses have closed down and have been left to ruin,graffiti is everywhere and consequently cheap and tacky bucket and spade shops have popped up too.

Pavements and roads look dirty and unkept and the narrow beach front such that it is,looks dirty and unwelcoming.

It's all a bit sad.


Travel operator: Thomas Cook

Hotel tip: Don't book if you want a relaxed and peaceful stay

Cant fault anything ..absolutely fantastic
11 years 11 months ago
My partner and I both stayed at the Diana Palace for a week in June.
Hotel is all inclusive and for an all inclusive resort the food is definitely above standard, plenty of variety and never the same food on the menu any two days in a row. Proper bacon and eggs for breakfast as well, excellent! There were snacks available throughout the day as well.

Bar staff were excellent around the pool area and remembered your name and what you drank. They couldn't do enough to help you. In fact all the staff were friendly and obliging at all times.

Our room was spotless, with clean towels every day. We also had a pool and sea view, for no extra cost!

Hope to return here very soon, hopefully next year, we loved it!
13 years 9 months ago
this was our 1st time in zante and we loved it.our transfer time was about 40 minutes due to having severl drop offs in lagonas a d kalamaki, if you go argassi 1st then its only about 10 minutes.diana palace is like a tardis, looks small from the outside but a lot bigger once in. we were greeted by a very welcoming lady on reception and lovely cold cocktail.
we couldnt have wished for better rooms, right over the pool area.the air con is 35 euros per week and 20 euro for a safety deposit box. our rooms were cleaned every day. reading other reviews people have said how small the pool is, we were expecting a tiny little pool, but its not , the pool is more than adequate for the siize of the hotel, as for getting sunbeds, we never had a problem, and we needed 5 together, i put our towels out about 8am, but only because we liked a particular spot, but you could go out at 10am and still get sunbeds. the food was great, we all enjoyed it, and 2 of my 3 girls are pcky eaters, the breakfast was full english, hot croissants, yogurts, frut and cereals.the afternoon snackswere put out at 3.30 and was usually thngs like wedges with cheese, garlic bread, salad, rice , on the whole we enjoyed our food, but do think it would get a bit repetative if you were there for more than a week. we went on the turtle spotting trip booked with the lady to the left of the hotel, this cost 15 euros each, we left at 11am and got back about 4pm.we saw 3 turtles and swam round the caves and turtle beach, there was a bbq on board too. you must try the chicken kebabs from the snack academy , only 2 euros, there lovely. the weather was extremely hot when we were there, mid to high 30s. the beaches are not brilliant near the hotel, but if you walk along the beach towards zante town you will come across some smaller but nice beaches, the sea is so shallow, you can go out a long way and its still only up to your knees, so its very safe if youve got kids. we would definately stay here again as we thoroughly enjoyed our 1st time in zante .

Travel operator: thomas cook

13 years 9 months ago
nice hotel. staff very friendly husband loved food but I am a bit fussy but still found something to eat every day. if you have special needs in the food line the chef will willing cook something else for you.

air conditioning only on certain hours of teh day unless you pay extra 3 euros a day. maid service good only stopped a week and had bed changed twice and towels also changed 3 times. not much to do on a night but go shopping or out for a meal as entertainment very poor.
if you want a quite relaxing hotel this is the hotel for you.

Travel operator: first choice

Viv And Chris
13 years 11 months ago
we stayed at the diana palace hotel in argassi zante we both wanted a chill out week and thats exactly what we got.Having just come off night flight very tired we were greeted with big smiles and a very quick and smooth check in, we were shown to our room which was very clean beds abit hard but that was only downside.Staff are very helpful special praise to Bill the bar man very quick and always remembers what you drink but ladies beware he loves woman especially if your from newcastle!! Very funny to watch.Food was good could always find something to eat wine and beer in dining room for you to help yourself.Entertainment well what can i say two lovely lads but didnt put much into it they only seemed to do bingo which ive never heard numbers called like that-wobble quack being one of them!All in all very good holiday but i think all-inc should be till 12 not 11.

Travel operator: thomas cook

S Hughes
14 years 7 months ago
this should of been a 4 star hotel it was no more than a 2 star,although the staff were in our oppion all 5 star plus.

Travel operator: viking

14 years 9 months ago
We stayed as all inclusive, it was very good and well worth your money. The maids do a very good job and every where is clean. The food is very good and enjoyable. The barman is very friendly and remembers all of your orders and drinks. Every one working there is very good and friendly, I made good friends with the reseptionists. The entertainment is good, the Greek night and Kareoka are very good fun! I would visit this hotel over and over again, and recomend it to any body!

Travel operator: Thomas Cook

Brian & Jean
15 years 6 months ago
A Fairly modern hotel in the centre of Agassi,

The public areas and gardens are well kept and clean,

our room in the main block was of adequate size with wardrobe dressing table, twin beds , fridge , hair dryer and T.V. [local channels] the bathroom was equipped with a full size bath [with shower attachment] basin and toilet

Food..breakfast was the usual continental buffet and attempted English [not yet found a Greek hotel that can do a proper English] Dinner well not truly Ionian/Greek it had all the necessary flavours and colours of the region. if you do not like Ionian Greek style then don't go half board.

pool small but big enough with sun beds and toddlers area

Pool bar serving fresh snacks and a selection of drinks had efficient and pleasant staff

Staff. generally well dressed pleasant and polite [with the odd exception]

if we were to return to Argassi then we would choose this hotel again

Travel operator: A1 travel

16 years 7 months ago
Excellent hotel. Food..Varied catered for different nationalities tried them all mmmmmmm.waiters & head catering manager also mmmmmmm !! The probs.
Rooms excellent, cleaned & fresh linen. Some rooms are overlooking the road suited us perfectly but maybe not for some, heard no noise at all. Only stayed in to watch the entertainment twice and it was good.

Would definitely return....anytime. Smashing hotel and argassi is good. You must do the 'round the island trip'

Travel operator: MR TRAVEL/AIR TOURS

Comb Family
16 years 9 months ago
we arrived to very bad reception hotel staff they were diabolical ..they pointed in the direction off our room and let us find it ourselves ..
there was no entertainment what so ever it says there were films on but none were shown
as we got unpacked in our room we heard a whimpering sound like a dog .. we went down to the reception desk to complain but the women simply said dogs were allowed so my 2 daughters went to investigate on the room above the maid would not let them past and was saying the noise was outside .. my husband got very angry and went to the reception desk once again this time the man said dogs are allowed on site ..
so this left our family with sleepless nights .
we then went to see the rep about this situation but she says they are going in 4 days 10 days later they where still on the complex ..
yet another lie had been told to me and my family..
all my family where upset at this as the employes of the hotel were lying
any hotel in the uk .. 3 stars *** who allow dogs please.. this totally ruined our holiday and would not goo back as the staff are working at a very poor standard ..
the hotels good point was the cleanliness it was very clean our room and the maids done a brilliant job
The pool bar staff where excellent 2 always willing to help
i would not visit this holiday resort again as we did not enjoy it .. !


Travel operator: Airtours

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