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Eftalia Ocean Resort & Spa

13 of 13 hotels in Antalya

1 out of 5 from 2 reviews
4 stars
T├╝rkler Mahallesi, 07407 Alanya/Antalya, Turkey

2 Reviews

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False Advertising...
4 years 9 months ago
My daughter booked an all inclusive holiday and transfers for 31st october-6th November.

A week before holiday, my daughter received an email saying hotel had closed and we were booked into another.

After we arrived in Turkey, we could not find the bus transfer and ended up having to pay a taxi and was ripped off!

When we arrived at hotel, we were told by the rudest staff ever that we were getting transferred to their sister hotel there and then because they were closing tomorrow.

We were tired and hungry and put our foot down, and eventually we were given a room.

The staff are the rudest people ever and food was inedible and cold.
On the island there is chicken wings, pizza(which is disgusting) and other food which was indescribable!

I have since suffered sickness and diarrhea because of chicken which wasn't cooked properly and have had to stay in room.

Today,(Saturday) is the first day I have felt a bit human again.
My daughter went down to reception to call a few times and each time they have been unhelpful, and the woman on the phone even said to my daughter, (well, I didn't cause sickness)

While down at reception the guys behind counter leered at my daughter and said he couldn't understand her, but knew how to try and ask for her facebook!
This hotel is closing tomorrow, onthebeach have told my daughter that she will have to pay AGAIN to get another hotel for the remainder of 'holiday' and our only option left may be to go to the other hotel which may mean going from frying pan into fire!

Meantime we have had to pay for meals and taxis out to save my grandson from starvation, it is a bloody joke!

Do not book through or go to this hotel!

Travel operator:

Hotel tip: Don't go!

Shocking Hotel
4 years 9 months ago
Hi, I wrote a review yesterday about this hotel, and this is an update, while sitting at 6am terrified to sleep.

My daughter went down to reception area last night to listen to music.
Whilst there, a man started running through lobby lashing out at people.

My daughter had to run to toilet to lock herself in, and 3 men went into toilet after her.
She had to call her friends on facebook to try and calm her down..

The guy was apprehended by 8 staff members.

Before this happened my daughter took pics of rain coming in hotel where they had put buckets underneath, cats roaming inside hotel taking leftovers from tables while staff just looked on.

We are moving to another hotel in morning after OTB finally arranged it, and at a cost!

I can't wait to get home, I wish I had never came here.


Travel operator: OTB

Hotel tip: DO NOT COME HERE!

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